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Can robotic process automation create savings and help solve a growing labour shortage?

The amount of goods that need to be shipped and handled is rising exponentially but there is a growing labour shortage across many major economies. So, what can companies across the supply chain do to remedy this situation? Increasingly, the solution is automation. This automation and adoption of robotics is cutting across the entire supply chain, from warehouses to trains. In this week’s 10 things we’ve been looking at some of the examples of robots working for us to move and handle our goods, the companies that are utilising them nd what this means for us all.

What does the automated warehouse of the future look like? [The Manufacturer]

Associates and Alphabot Team Up to Make Walmart’s Popular Grocery Pickup Service Even Better. [Walmart]

Greater Demand for Automation and Technological Advancements to Boost the Warehouse Robotics Market. [Robotics Tomorrow]

7 Warehouse Robots for Retail Automation. [nanalyze]

Rio Tinto achieves first autonomous train iron ore delivery. [ZD Net]

How Startup Zume Will Become The Tesla And Amazon Of Food. [Forbes]

Picking Robots — Ready for Primetime? [Robotics Business Review]

Taking a look at UCSF Health’s automatic, robotic-enabled supply chain. [Supply Chain Digital]

The supply chain planner of the future. [Supply Chain Management Review]

inVia Robotics Raises $20 Million Series B Funding for Warehouse Automation Robots. [InVia Robotics]

If you’re interested in how robotics might transform our industry then you need to attend 20th Annual Logistics CIO Forum: North America where there will be a keynote panel on “How Robotic Process Automation Reduces Inefficiencies”. This will feature speakers from Deloitte, DHL, Werner and Americold.

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