Warehouse operators failing to forecast

Half in survey say that they lack a reliable view of future demand

According to a report by ProGlove, 50% of warehouse operators are struggling to forecast demand for 2023.  

The survey found that only 39% of respondents felt confident about predicting trends and activity during the holiday season, with 51% saying that forecasting demand was their biggest inventory management issue.

This points to difficulties in planning and organisation this year, as less than two in five respondents expect supply chain issues to be resolved by 2024.

Ilhan Kolko, ProGlove’s CPO, said, “The findings confirm what has been self-evident to those in the warehousing and logistics industry for a few years. External factors are wreaking havoc on the ability of businesses to predict demand and prepare for new challenges. Organisations need to focus on building agile and efficient processes through data-driven insights into the internal workings of the shop floor. Building certainty in the warehouse protects from uncertainty outside of it.”

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