Indian e-logistics soars on strong demand

An annualised growth rate of 35% is forecast in the booming Indian e-commerce logistics sector

Image by Raam Gottimukkala from Pixabay

A report by Bengaluru-based Redseer Strategy Consultants has estimated a compound annual growth rate of 35% for the logistics market supporting India’s booming e-commerce sector.

That growth has propelled it up being one of the largest logistics markets globally.

Within the next five years, e-commerce logistics shipments are expected to grow four-fold according to the report.

The authors note that technological advances have enabled small and medium-sized businesses to enter the market, while smartphones and the localisation of the internet in non-English languages have drawn in new consumers from non-urban locations.

The research also says that the availability of multiple payment options such as UPI, no-cost EMI and BNPL (buy now, pay later) is encouraging more consumers to use digital commerce.

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