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Offshore could offer a more economical solution for nuclear

Siting nuclear power stations offshore on floating, oil rig-type platforms, may offer a more economical solution for electricity generation and clean hydrogen production, according to a new research group.

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US nuclear applauds commitment behind Inflation Reduction Act

The U.S. government’s Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) reflects a bi-partisan commitment to the nuclear industry and will help boost global competitiveness and shore up domestic supply chains, say industry leaders and analysts.

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Britain’s nuclear plan met with cautious applause

The British government’s ambitious plans for nuclear power, including tripling nuclear capacity by 2050 and streamlining regulatory practices, has been met with cautious applause from the nuclear industry.

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Nuclear seen keeping costs down for ‘green’ hydrogen

Nuclear power operators can mitigate high costs by fitting plants to produce hydrogen, and studies have found that the cheapest option for the growing hydrogen economy is to include nuclear in the energy mix.

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