Webinar: Claims Like Never Before – Agility, Leadership and Collaboration for a Seamless Claims Experience

Apr 30, 2020

Through this time of rapid change and extreme uncertainty, both customers and the claims workforce need more support and care than ever before. How can insurers deliver the optimal experience for both employees and customers through a time of unprecedented change?

Organiser: Mariana Dumont

Claims Corner - Weekly chats to help you navigate through uncertain times

Apr 9, 2020 to Apr 23, 2020

As we self-isolate, we must be careful not to isolate our ideas and thoughts. The truth is that it has never been more important for our industry to share, collaborate and inspire.

Organiser: Mariana Dumont

Webinar: Achieve More with Less in Claims

Mar 26, 2020

Shifting demographic, rising customer expectations, and higher costs from catastrophic events are all increasing the pressure on claims organizations. Carriers need to be more agile and efficient than ever with fewer resources at their disposal.

Organiser: Mariana Dumont

Webinar: Inundated by IoT: How Carriers Can Leverage a Trillion IoT Devices with Nationwide, CNA and Everest Re

Mar 11, 2020

In just 5 years, there will be 50 billion IoT devices. By 2030, a trillion. Insurance carriers are perfectly positioned to exploit this data – to personalize products, engage customers and more accurately assess risk. But 76% of carriers admit they are not ready.

Organiser: Ira Sopic

Webinar: Delivering Value-Add Fleet Insurance That Maximizes Safety

Feb 28, 2020

Fleet insurance is challenged to provide intuitive, well-reported and workable solutions on top of any mandatory operational practices whilst keeping safety at a premium.

Organiser: Graham Proud

Webinar: Deliver Empathy at Scale - Virtual Claims Handling as the Future of Efficient, Customer-Centric Claims

Feb 13, 2020

Insurance Carriers need speed now. Customers want speed now. But fast, seamless claims is pointless when empathy is lacking. How do you strike the right balance between automation and the human touch?

Organiser: Mariana Dumont

Webinar: Failure is Not an Option: Realize the Potential of Data Science From Swiss Re, AmFam, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Feb 5, 2020

With 90% of carriers actively investing in new data projects, project failure is not an option. But with the stakes so high, carrier executives are immobilized - the volume of cutting-edge data sources has exploded and the vast majority won’t implement a project if they’re not sure of its success.

Organiser: Ira Sopic

Webinar: Enrich Auto Product Development Innovation To New Heights With Fresh Data Sets

Dec 20, 2019

New and available data for Auto carriers is transforming the very definition of insurance. Product development that utilizes this data has never been more important, and striking the balance between value for customers and carriers will be paramount if carriers wish to survive this period of change.

Organiser: Graham Proud

Webinar: Fast, Agile, Service-Driven Insurance: Fuse Innovative Tech to Your Company DNA - AI, Chatbots, Automation and More

Dec 11, 2019

If insurance carriers want to stay competitive and gain business efficiency, then innovation is a ‘must’ today, rather than a ‘nice to have’.

Organiser: Ira Sopic

Webinar: Results-Driven Claims Innovation: Unlock the Real Value of Claims Tech

Dec 10, 2019

77% of insurance carriers will invest in automation in the next few years to achieve seamless claims. The incredible potential to leverage technology stretches across the claims landscape, from chatbots to AI, FNOL to payment. However – the endless opportunity does make it difficult to prioritize, integrate and fully maximize the power of claimstech.

Organiser: Mariana Dumont