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Day One

9:00 - 9:15 (15 mins)

Industry Outlook: What’s next for European Wind Operations?

  • Review European wind market movements to highlight key opportunities and trends
  • Understand how strategies for servicing wind assets are changing as the sector continues to grow
  • Assess where operations spend is shifting for both onshore and offshore European wind fleets
  • Analyse new market entrants, power purchase trends and wind asset project ownership changes

Rystad Energy Jarand Rystad CEO Rystad Energy

9:15 - 10:00 (45 mins)

Sharpening Operations Models - Innovation and Collaboration

  • Assess the potential and rewards for the standardisation of O&M processes for growing fleets
  • Understand how digitalisation can drive more predictive maintenance and knowledge sharing between industry stakeholder
  • Discuss the challenges and barriers facing O&M executives and professionals today

Northland Power Europe Florian Wuertz Managing Director Northland Power Europe

Vattenfall Anna Jasper-Martens Director of Business Excellence & Asset Management Vattenfall

Acciona Miguel Ezpeleta Global Wind Operations Director Acciona

ENGIE Jan De Groof Head Asset Management and Procurement ENGIE

Natural Power [Moderator] Iain Dinwoodie Head of Advanced Performance Engineering Natural Power

10:00 - 10:15 (15 mins)

Digital Transformation for Wind Operations - Review and Reflect

  • Where are we now on the digitalisation journey as an industry? How have digital advancements disrupted aspects at all stages in asset life? What are the drivers and to what extent will digital transformation continue to change European wind asset operations?

Uniper Richard Gale Renewables Analyst Uniper

10:15 - 11:00 (45 mins)

Building, developing and accelerating data strategy and analytical capabilities

  • Build a strong data-driven strategy to optimise maintenance activities, minimise downtime and maintain operational fleets with confidence
  • Navigate the business case across data integration, maturity, security and engagement to drive cost improvement
  • Discover which digital capabilities are considered key levers for unlocking optimisation across the portfolio and leading new operating models

Uniper Gloria Kakimpa Kalyesubula Technical Lead Uniper

NTR Joe Dalton Director Asset Management NTR

Sereema Mus RezzougManaging DirectorSereema

RES [Moderator] Peter StuartTechnical Director RES

11:00 - 11:15 (15 mins)

Safeguarding connection to the electricity grids

  • Review the typical failure modes for transformers which connect wind power to the electricity grid and the increased pressures these assets are under from intermittent generation
  • Understand how transformer monitoring tools can provide critical information on the risk profile of these assets, enable preventative maintenance to be taken before catastrophic failure, avoid the need for expensive backup assets, and help to ensure the ongoing supply of renewable power to electricity networks
  • The importance of connecting diagnostic data with transformer expertise to enable the appropriate corrective actions to be taken

Camlin EnergyIan HunterGeneral Manager RenewablesCamlin Energy

11:15 - 12:15 (60 mins)

Circular Economy for the European Wind Industry

  • Discuss strategies for accelerating the wind power industry’s transition to a circular economy
  • Unpack how the wind industry can lead from the front by laying the foundations of a circular economy supply chain for the sector
  • Close the remaining gap towards the first 100% recyclable wind turbine blade with industry collaboration

Energy Cluster Denmark Glenda Napier CEO Energy Cluster Denmark

LM Wind Power John Korsgaard Senior Director Engineering Excellence LM Wind Power

Ørsted Virginia Dundas Head of Supply Chain Decarbonisation Programme Ørsted

VDMA Power Systems [Moderator] Haras Najib Technology & Innovation Working Group VDMA Power Systems

12:15 - 12:45 (30 mins)

Driving Financial Benefits with Circular Economy Principles

  • The spotlight is on corporates and heavy industry to take steps now in implementing strategies to transition to a low carbon economy, but how can we as a wind industry lead decarbonisation efforts from the front? What financial benefits can arise with circular economy principles for the wind sector?

VDMA Power SystemsHaras NajibTechnology & Innovation Working GroupVDMA Power Systems

Siemens Gamesa Renewable EnergyJohn Paul Larrañeta, Regional CEO - South Europe & Africa Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

12:45 - 14:00 (75 mins)

Speaker Q&A and Roundtable: Operations Models, Digital Transformation, Data, Grids & Circular Economy

EICStuart Broadley CEO EIC

Day Two

9:00 - 9:45 (45 mins)

Through-life Management: Informed Decision-Making for Repowering and Life Time Extension

  • Assess key metrics through the full life cycle of European wind assets to aid decision-making for repowering and lifetime extension
  • Navigate options for repowering and understand how to plan effectively for this process with insights from the full wind value chain

UL Cristian AlgarDirector Advisory Services - RenewablesUL

GE Renewable Energy Antonio Morais Service Commercial Director for EU & SSA GE Renewable Energy

Glennmont Partners Geoff Hoffheinz Chief Engineer Glennmont Partners

Clir Renewables Gareth Brown CEO Clir Renewables

Brodies [Moderator] Neil Collar Partner Brodies

9:45 - 10:00 (15 mins)

Navigating Permitting, Policy and Regulation for Repowering

  • With tighter environmental controls, understand the latest regulations and technical requirements for European wind repowering
  • Where are we on the journey to facilitating the repowering of existing renewable energy plants by ensuring a simplified and swift permit-granting process?

Enercon Jürgen Berlin Head of Planning Enercon

Clir Renewables Bronwyn Sutton Principal Clir Renewables

10:00 - 10:15 (15 mins)

Advanced Condition and Performance Analytics for Wind Assets

  • Develop an advanced monitoring and performance strategy to optimise and future-proof wind asset operations
  • Evaluate the latest innovations and successes to drive turbine optimisation and sharpen maintenance routines
  • Examine a holistic approach to monitoring, and why is it important in condition and performance analytics?

KK Wind Axel Juhl ChristensenVice President - Digital SolutionsKK Wind

10:15 - 11:00 (45 mins)

Navigating Europe's Diverse Wind PPA Market in 2021

  • Analyse sector trends for securing the most agreements across the continent, why are specific sectors leading over others?
  • Assess country specific trends - what is driving a PPA revolution in Spain and what role do wind assets play in this?
  • With over 10GW of renewables under PPA in Europe how can wind asset owners unlock more value in corporate sourcing

Encavis Martin Scharrer Head of PPA Origination Encavis

GE Renewable Energy Alastair Carrington Global PPA Lead GE Renewable Energy

Pexapark David Willemsen Senior Manager PPA Advisory Pexapark

DNV [Moderator] Majdouline El Aasemi Global Head of Corporate PPA, Green Energy Procurement & InstaTrust DNV

11:00 - 11:15 (15 mins)

Maximising revenue from wind assets by utilising data and technology

  • Using machine learning to predict revenue forecasts
  • Harnessing data to empower developers in the wholesale energy markets
  • Technology to accurately match generators with experienced corporate & utility offtakes
  • Simplification of the PPA tender and contractual process using automation

Zeigo Freddie Lyons Senior Price Analyst Zeigo

11:15 - 11:30 (15 mins)

Blade condition monitoring as driver for productivity optimisation using direct sensing technology

  • Optimisation of operational conditions to avoid loss of production
  • One technology with different measurement principles provides comprehensive insights in operation blade conditions
  •  Long-term adaptation of operational strategies

EologixKarl FatrdlaSales Internationaleologix sensor technology

11:30 - 11:45 (15 mins)

BGB and the transition to a circular economy

  • Identifying challenges in implementing CE principles into serial production
  • Current case studies: repair and recycling
  • Our commitment to the future

BGBUche Ugwu Circular Economy Specialist BGB

11:45 - 12:00 (15 mins)

Using Failure Investigation and RCA to Support Effective Asset Management

  • Understand the importance of failure investigation and not simply replacing failed components 
  • Assess what's next, beyond failure investigations to determine cause

UniperProfessor Scott LockyerTechnical Head, Materials and Corrosion Uniper

12:00 - 13:30 (90 mins)

Speaker Q&A and Roundtable: Through-life Management, Repowering, Monitoring, PPA, Data, Circular Economy, Blades & Asset Management

EICStuart Broadley CEO EIC

On Demand

Bitbloom - Getting Value from Wind Data

BitBloom Michael Tinning Co-founder BitBloom

BitBloom Staffan Lindahl Co-founder BitBloom

BitBloom Philip Bradstock Co-founder BitBloom

Transforming Data into Actionable Intelligence in Your Operational Wind and Solar Projects

  • Gain insights into the key performance indicators (KPIs) in the operation of wind and solar plants
  • Learn how to feed pre-constructive models with operational data
  • Learn how UL’s RAMP (Renewables Asset Monitoring Platform) software can help you manage your renewables assets and bring the power of real-time monitoring, production KPIs, analytics, power forecasting and reporting to renewable project owners.

UL Renewables Santiago Lopez Global Director, Asset Management Services UL Renewables

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