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5th March: Day One Conference Programme

07:30-08:30 (60 mins)


08:30-08:45 (15 mins)

New Energy Update (Reuters Events) & Chairman’s Introduction

Luke Brett, New Energy Update
Edmee Kelsey, CEO, 3megawatt

Market Trends and Outlook

08:45-09:05 (20 mins)

Number crunching the PV Asset Management and O&M market

  • Understanding trending O&M costs
  • Market conditions and industry key technical challenges
  • Disruptions and the role supply chain in operations

Lara Hayim, Solar Associate, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

09:05-10:00 (55 mins)

Maintaining Growth and Maximizing ROI - Solar PV Asset Management Challenges and New Opportunities

  • Understanding the changes to managing solar assets in the world of subsidy free
  • Smarter solar asset management to adapt to evolving market conditions
  • Staying competitive - strategies to cut operational costs from the solar asset owner’s perspective

Moderator: Edmee Kelsey, CEO, 3megawatt
Stefan Mueller, Co-Founder, Enerparc AG
Dan Kirk, Managing Director, Toucan Energy
Declan O'Halloran, Managing Director, Quintas Energy
David Lewis, Head of Business Administration, Akuo Energy

10:00-10:30 (30 mins)


10:30-11:15 (45 mins)

Raising Standards - What does Best Practice look like in Solar O&M?

  • Dissect the latest quality O&M is and how it has evolved in recent years with competition growth
  • What elements of O&M can be standardised and what are the key benefits of this?
  • Innovative solutions, such as re-soiling and high level monitoring, that ensures quality without raising costs

Moderator: Constantinos Peonides, Director, Alectris
Jean-Francois Culot, Project Manager, Encavis AG
Ypatios Moysiadis, UK Country Manager, Greensolver 
Robin Hirschl, Technical Director, Obton A/S
Antonio Alcaro, Project Developer/Asset Manager, Aventron 

11:15-11:35 (20 mins)

Streamlining Asset Management for Asset Value Maximisation

  • The new interactive triangle (Asset Manager, O&M and Analytics Provider)
  • Restructuring the O&M contract scope
  • Additional aspects (e.g. automated monitoring)

Günter Maier, COO, Alteso

11:35-12:20 (45 mins)

Service Models and the Supply Chain

  • Pros and cons of different O&M service models, such as full-service, multi-contract and self-service
  • Understand the decision-making process based on size and characteristics of your solar portfolio, security, risk, cost, service quality and response time

Moderator: Lara Hayim, Solar Associate, Bloomberg New Energy Finance
Robin Hirschl, Technical Director, Obton A/S
Antonio Alcaro, Project Developer/Asset Manager, Aventron 
Joe Miletic, Head of JLEN Solar, Foresight Group
Guy Auger, CEO, Greensolver 

12:20-12:45 (25 mins)

Digitalisation or Die: Using Aerial Data to take Asset Tracking into the Digitalisation era 

  • Increasing yield by 3-5% for the some of the biggest asset owners in the world
  • How a leading solar developer is tracking solar construction
  • Combining aerial data with inverter data to increase your site output

Vishal Punamiya, CEO, Sitemark

12:45-14:15 (90 mins)


12:50-13:50 (60 mins)


Repowering and Lifetime Extension - Track 1

Commercial - Track 2

14:15-15:00 (45 mins)

Repowering and Revamping Strategy - Overcoming Commercial and Technical Challenges

  • Identifying distressed ageing assets
  • How to plan and implement a repowering and revamping project, minimizing project downtime, cost and risk
  • Tackling warranty and legal issues prior to the project
  • Quantifying and guaranteeing ROI

Moderator: John Davies, CEO, 2DegreesKelvin
Siniharju Heikki, Head of Solar Technology, Fortum
John O’Toole, Technical Director, Gresham House
Valerio Pelizzi, Manager - EMEA, Ampt LLC

14:15-15:15 (60 mins)

 Managing Newly Developed Assets - Key Considerations

  • With new and varying portfolios being developed across Europe, address the key challenges when managing acquired assets
  • Working with developers and the supply chain to lower OPEX

Moderator: Carlos Javier Sarasa Maestro, Chief Operating Officer, Solrac
Jordi Francesch, Director of Asset Management, Glennmont Partners
David Delaire, Managing Director, MPC Capital
Rodolfo Bigolin, Managing Partner, Horus Energy
Rebecca Carter, Global Managing Director, WiseEnergy

15:00-15:20 (20 mins)

Repowering Case Studies

  • Expanded repowering capabilities using DC/DC power management (DCPM)

Daryl Parker, VP Sales & Marketing, Ampt LLC

15:20-15:40 (20 mins)

Repowering and Lifetime Extension Case Study

Manuel Sánchez, PV Business Development, Ingeteam

15:15-16:00 (45 mins)

PPAs - State of the Market and the impacts on Asset Management

  • Understanding of the PPA landscape in Europe - an overview
  • With the rise of PPAs in Europe, how are they impacting Asset Management?

Moderator: Ypatios Moysiadis, UK Country Manager, Greensolver 
Martin Scharrer, Head of Legal, Encavis AG
Anja Spannaus, Managing Director, Re-Cap Global Investors AG
Dr Peer Piske, Business Development Director, Solarcentury

15:40-16:00 (20 mins)

The Realities of Repowering

  • Repowering a site - centrals to string, timeline, costs, downtime associated with the project and challenges
  • Performance improvement and payback on investment

Nicola Waters, Managing Director, PSH Operations

16:00-16:30 (30 mins)


Spare Parts, Floating and Bifacial Modules - Track 1

Energy Storage - Track 2

16:30-16:55 (25 mins)

Reliability and O&M

  • Doing Things Right or Doing the Right Things?
  • Higher O&M Efficiency through String Inverter Concept
Kenneth Marcel Frey, ‎Executive Director PV Inverter DACH, Huawei Technologies
16:55-17:20 (25 mins)

Floating Solar Case Study

  • Is floating going to be the norm in Europe?
  • Overcoming technical and commercial challenges when developing a floating solar project
  • Insight into managing a floating solar park

David Lewis, Akuo

16:30-17:10 (40 mins)

Economic Viability of Storage Projects

  • Get an analysis of Europe’s business models for energy storage and how they differ to other business models in the market
  • Understand how Energy Storage projects are integrated -– both pre-development and post development - and explore the business cases for both, plus the need to know elements of introducing such a project into a renewable energy generation asset
  • Funding energy storage projects, and what you can expect from the market as it evolves

Moderator: Dr. Verena Batschkus, Executive Partner, Agere Infrastructure Partners
Guy Auger, CEO, Greensolver
Ulrich Schoppmeyer, Director of Power, Renewables and Water, KFW
Warren Pimm, Partner, Sustainable Development Capital, LLP

17:20-17:45 (25 mins)

Performance Optimization of Bifacial Module PV Power Plants

  • Installation parameters for bifacial free field PV plant
  • Short- and long-term outdoor experiments
  • Simulations for bifacial technology
  • First hands-on technical experience during installations

Armin Scherl, Head of System Engineering, Enerparc
Miriam Guari, Systems Engineer, Enerparc 

17:10-17:50 (40 mins)

Designing and Managing a Solar plus Storage Site

  • Key considerations when designing a solar plus storage site through to managing storage as an assets
  • Design considerations when developing a PV + Storage plant
  • The good, the bad and the ugly - lessons learnt from Solar and Storage project development

Moderator: Adam Sharpe, Partner, Everoze Partners
John O’Toole, Technical Director, Gresham House
Sylvain Lechat Sanjuan, Project Manager and Energy Storage Expert, FRV 
Carlos Javier Sarasa Maestro, Chief Operating Officer, Solrac

17:45-19:00 (65 mins)


6th March: Day Two Conference Programme

07:30-08:30 (60 mins)


PV Track 1

08:45-08:55 (10 mins)

Chair's Introduction

Daniel Liu, Principal Analyst, Wood MacKenzie

08:55-09:40 (45 mins)

Improving the Quality and Reliability of your Data - SCADA Systems, Monitoring Performance and Automating O&M

  • Get the low down on the latest digital technology slashing OPEX for PV plant owners
  • Monitoring solutions to better understand the performance of your fleet
  • Drone development to scan performance
  • Automation complimenting the workforce: what are the pros of digitalizing O&M?

Moderator: Pritil Gunjan, Senior Analyst, Navigant Research
Johannes Burgard, CEO, Solytic
Günter Maier, COO, Alteso
Daniel Watson Business Development Manager / Project Manager, Isotrol
Dr Virgil Cazacu, Head of Digital Transformation, BayWa R.E 

09:40-10:25 (45 mins)

How Developed are Predictive Maintenance Tools and How Effective are they?

  • Going beyond the buzzwords and looking at how effective AI is and will be
  • Utilising tools and data available today to begin performing predictive (i.e. condition-based) maintenance
  • Processing data from above, utilising aerial inspection equipment

Moderator: Nicolas Chouleur, Partner, Everoze 
Steve Hanawalt, EVP, Power Factors
Saul Lazzarini, Operations Manager, Clere AG

Will Hitchcock, CEO, Above

10:25-10:45 (20 mins)

Digital Solar Asset Management

  • Digital transformation in PV plants: buzzword meets reality
  • Digital asset management: the new software layer, its impact and benefits
  • Beyond optimization: how to boost already-optimized PV plants

Haggai Hofland, CEO, Raycatch

10:45-11:15 (25 mins)


11:15-11:40 (25 mins)

Case Study: Analytics and Digitalisation Meets Reality

  • Digital steps from the error to the report
  • The added value of integrated monitoring, analytics and CMMS-solution
  • Avoid false alarms with realtime-analytics and machine learning
  • Transparency for the asset manager

Martin Schneider, Managing Director, Meteocontrol

11:40-12:30 (50 mins)

Managing a Diverse and Remote Portfolio 

  • Panel discussing the best solutions for managing a diverse portfolio in varying geographies and climates
  • Digital solutions to centralizing operations to prevent downtime and boost output
  • Planning effective equipment and spare parts strategies
  • Hiring and training technicians to safely and effectively maintain remote sites

Moderator: Carsten Brinckmann, Managing Partner & Senior Advisor, Brinckmann RE
Saul Lazzarini, Operations Manager, Clere AG
Isabelle Bélanger, Head of Asset Management, Goodyields Capital
Thomas Lorenz, COO, Pacifico Energy Partners
Aditya Bhat, CEO, Airprobe

12:40-14:00 (80 mins)


Joint Solar & Wind Sessions

14:00-14:25 (25 mins)

Wind and Solar investments of Big Oil - What they say and What they do

  • How is the wind and solar landscape changing in an unsubsidized world?
  • Strategic direction and M&A moves of European oil majors
  • Current obstacles and future perspectives

Björn Broda, Director of Corporate Strategy and Development, Juwi Holding AG

14:25-14:45 (20 mins)

PV & Onshore Wind operations in Ukraine

  • Regulatory framework for RES assets operation in Ukraine
  • Commercial approach to RES projects operation
  • Equipment monitoring, analytics, innovation practices
  • Transition to market integration of renewables

Philipp Leckebusch, CEO, DTEK

14:45-15:30 (45 mins)

Time to Implement Conformity Assessment Systems and Standard

  • Debate the strategic advantages that come from the implementation of standards to reduce LCOE and enable investors to easily categorise risk and so streamline procedure
  • Debate the counterargument that standardisation can lead to decrease in innovation and progression in technology development

Moderator: Thomas Sauer, CEO, Exxergy
Felix Holz, Vice President, Deutsche Bank

Eric Effern, CTO, Wind Test
Karim Asali, Technical Director - Europe and EMEA, First Solar
Michael Schrempp, Head of Green Tech Solutions, Munich R.E



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