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Meet + patient-centric decision-makers

Pharma & Patient USA 2021 is the meeting place for patient-centric leaders in patient engagement, medical affairs, patient advocacy, IT, digital excellence and clinical development and operations teams from across big pharma in USA. We will set the bar for the future of patient-centricity in pharma as attendees commit going beyond business as usual for maximum value for patients.

Partner with Senior Decision Makers

Meet the industry’s decision makers

Other events say they attract senior executives - people with clout, budget, ideas and a mission. We really mean it.

Do business with this cross-section of pharma

Pharma & Patient USA 2021 attracts a variety of job titles offering different perspectives and opinions, essential in delivering new insights.

Attended by pharma and health innovators from:

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Representatives include:
  • Chief Patient Officer
  • Senior Vice President, Patient Centricity
  • Vice President, Clinical Operations
  • Vice President, Patient Advocacy
  • Vice President, Patient Advocacy & Clinical Affairs
  • Vice President, Patient Innovation & Engagement
  • Vice President, Site Collaborations and Patient Centricity
  • Vice President, Society & Strategy
  • Vice President, Health Equity & Community
  • Vice President, Medical Affairs
  • Director, Clinical Insights and Experience
  • Director, Clinical Operations
  • Digital Patient Experience Lead
  • Director, Medical Affairs, Global Patient Advocacy & Alliances
  • Director, Patient Engagement & Portfolio Strategy
  • Director, Patient Experience
  • Director, Patient Services
  • Director, Patient Support Strategy & Insights
  • Director, Clinical Innovation & Strategy
  • Head of Engagement Strategy
  • Head of Patient Engagement
  • Head of R&D Patient Engagement
  • Head of Diversity & Inclusion
  • Head of Clinical Trial Innovation

The 5 reasons why the Pharma & Patient USA 2021 is the only event pharma patient-centric leaders need to attend:

  1. Case-study heavy. You need to see real, detailed examples. Our speakers will provide you with them.
  2. A team learning experience. Now more than ever we need to be working together for our patients. Participate as a team to build company-wide insights, transform culture as one and significantly save on cost
  3. Interactivity at its core:Live Q&A, interactive sessions and online networking are central to the experience of every attendee.
  4. Curated content. Hundreds of conversations with pharma patient-centric and patient engagement leaders went into preparing the agenda to ensure it’s tailored your needs.
  5. Patient centricity is everyone’s business. Senior-leaders from patient engagement, patient advocacy, medical affairs, marketing, analytics and clinical finding answers to critical challenges together.

83% of attendees describe our sessions as ‘essential to future success’

94% of our attendees say they will likely return next year

97% of our attendees said they enjoyed the experience

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