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During this time, we want to encourage the investment community to continue collaborating and sharing best practices, from the comfort of your own home.

For 2020 we are developing our content series, to unite thousands of leaders in one place to discuss the essential topics of the year.

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Quarter 1 January - March
January 25 Webinar Attracting finance for low carbon liquid fuel projects Get involved
February 8 Whitepaper The success of public-private partnerships in the dairy market Get involved
February 22 Webinar Financing for dairy methane projects - partnership opportunities between developers and offtakers to achieve carbon reduction goals Get involved
March 15 Workshop Capitalizing on renewable aviation opportunities - exploring partnership opportunities between offtakers and airlines Get involved
March 29 Workshop Renewable hydrogen production - exploring opportunities for the biogas and RNG sectors Get involved
Quarter 2 April - June
April 12 Workshop Liquid fuel utilization pathways in the European jet fuel market Get involved
April 26 Webinar Renewable diesel - what are O&G majors doing to capitalize on market opportunities in line with carbon reduction goals? Get involved
May 10 Webinar Building the infrastructure that can enable fleet owners to transition to RNG Get involved
May 31 Workshop What makes a renewable diesel project financeable today? Get involved
June 21 Workshop RNG-hydrogen conversion opportunities Get involved
Quarter 3 July - September
July 26 Whitepaper LCFS opportunities for the East Coast (NY and WA) Get involved
August 30 Whitepaper LCFS opportunities for the West Coast (CA and OR) Get involved
September 20 Webinar How can data analytics improve demand issues in biogas and RNG? Get involved
Quarter 4 October - December
October 4 Workshop Transitioning towards a greener transportation - monetization opportunities for fleet owners Get involved
October 18 Webinar Market standardization - how close are we to equal development opportunities for Europe developers? Get involved
November 22 Webinar Decarbonizing heat Get involved
December 13 Whitepaper Building the infrastructure that can enable corporations to transition to RNG Get involved


Exploring oil price crash effects on biogas and renewable natural gas [RNG] demand


  • Harrison Clay, Vice President Strategic Development, Global Environmental Products, BP
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Decarbonization strategies - the corporate perspective

Speakers included:

  • Amit Gudka, Co-founder, Bulb
  • Vaughan Linsday, CEO, ClimateCare
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RNG as the Leading Transportation Fuel in North America - Exploring Challenges and Opportunities

Speakers included:

  • Andy Dvoracek, VP, AMP Americas
  • Harrison Clay, Vice President Strategic Development, Global Environmental Products, BP
  • Thomas Lawson, President, California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition
  • Neil Black, President, California Bioenergy
  • Johannes Escudero, CEO & Executive Director, Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas
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Monetize RNG production for vehicle fuel

Speakers included:

  • Nick Lumpkin, Strategic Originator - Environmental Products, BP
  • Andy Dvoracek, VP Business Development, AMP Americas
  • Mike Koel, President, U.S. GAIN
  • Ryan Gach, Manager of Biogas Marketing, Waste Management Renewable Energy
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Whitepaper - Aiding decarbonization goals: leadership in a time of change

Key topics covered in this paper:

  • The immediate outlook for RNG
  • Attitudes to waste disposal and low-carbon fuels
  • RNG in transportation
  • Outlook and conclusions
Download here

Whitepaper - Benefiting from the growing market for RNG in transport

Key topics covered in this paper:

  • The focus is on California
  • Drivers for RNG nationwide
  • The impact of agricultural RNG
  • Getting gas to customers
Download here

Q&A article on challenges and opportunities in the production and utilization of biogas and RNG

Key topics covered in this paper:

  • The future outlook for biogas and biomethane
  • How biogas and RNG can help achieve our climate goals
  • The role that biogas and RNG play in our energy needs
  • Sustainability issues in biogas applications and how they can be fixed
  • Organizations that drive today’s market and why
  • The socio-economic challenges and barriers in production and utilization of biogas and RNG
  • The benefits of biogas and RNG in transport
Download here

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