The industry shaping agenda

Auto Insurance in a Post-Covid Age


KEYNOTE: The Future of Auto Insurance

  • Get the facts on the changing landscape and ensure you’re prepared for a post-covid age.
  • A recognised world leader in auto outlines the key principles to help you anticipate the change in consumer behaviour.
  • Become an expert in predicting industry changes and enable your business to build a strategy to see you through these difficult times.


The Future of Mobility

  • Practical information on emerging consumer behaviours to shape your future claims strategy.
  • How to make sure you’re ready for the impact of autonomous, electric and future mobility.
  • Guidelines to help you reframe your claims process and ensure you’re pinpoint accurate on individual risk.

Driving Data


KEYNOTE: Harnessing The World of Driver Data

  • Discover the essential new methods of harnessing driver data and put them to work immediately.
  • Bridge the data-gaps and solve the problem of inefficient legacy technology.
  • Eliminate data silos across your business to help maximise efficiency and productivity.


Telematics Panel Discussion Series:

  • How to effectively incorporate telematics at all levels of premium.
  • Find the ROI on telematic technology and put it to work for you.
  • Expert tips and the most complete information available on the future of telematics tech to erase uncertainty and inspire action.

Reach Your Customer


KEYNOTE: The Race to the Customer

  • Industry experts agree that customer confidence in insurance companies is lacking. Develop a fresh strategy.
  • It pays to know how to effectively handle your customer’s data to professional standards.
  • Find out which methods will elevate and streamline your digital customer interaction.


Planning for the Digital Transition

  • Ensure that you have the infrastructure to connect with your customer in a meaningful way.
  • Use one simple method to tackle your customer experience deficiencies head on.

The Future of Autonomous Vehicles


KEYNOTE: The 5 Steps to Real Autonomous Integration

  • 5 ways to build an auto-insurance industry that can correctly recognise and handle driverless vehicle claims.
  • Ensure you have answers to the critical questions of autonomous vehicles and build the right foundations for the future.
  • Experience counts when new technologies enter the market. Enable your business to keep claims costs down and organise a swift transition to autonomous.