Innovation is the key to addressing new and emerging customer needs

In the build up to the 7th Annual Responsible Business Awards we spoke with Tetra Pak to get more detail about their award-winning strategy and the benefits of winning the Award.

Ethical Corporation: Which Responsible Business Award did you win?

Tetra Pak: The Sustainable Innovation Award

EC: Please tell us more about your winning project?

TP: We won this award for Tetra Rex® Bio-based - the world’s first fully renewable package. Launched in 2015, the Tetra Rex Bio-based carton marked a breakthrough in both technological advancement and responsible packaging in that it was the first time a company had created a fully renewable carton.

Using a combination of FSC™ certified paperboard and certified bio-plastics derived from sugarcane, it is the first carton package to be sold anywhere in the world that is made entirely from plant-based materials. It is fully renewable, recyclable and entirely traceable to the source.

EC: How did it feel when you were announced as the winner of your category?

TP: We were absolutely delighted to have found out we had won the Sustainable Innovation Award. We are very proud to be the first company to deliver a package made entirely from plant-based materials.

It’s great to receive the recognition for this significant milestone in our long-term ambition to provide 100% renewable packaging across our products portfolio.

EC: What effect did winning this Award have on you and your team?

TP: It is extremely motivating! Innovation has been at the heart of Tetra Pak since the company was established. The team will continue working on developing innovative products that meet our rigorous quality and safety standards but with a lower environmental footprint.

Innovation is the key to addressing new and emerging customer needs, staying competitive and true to our brand promise: Protect What’s Good®. Protecting food, people and futures.

EC: Do you feel that the award helped give the acknowledgement you deserved for your initiative?

TP: Yes, we feel this award showed prestigious recognition for our efforts in this vital area of our business.

EC: Now that you have been recognised for this leading strategy, what’s next for you and your team?

TP: Our fully renewable package, Tetra Rex Bio-based, is just one of the ways we work towards minimising our environmental impact throughout the value chain.

On our journey towards 100% renewable packaging we are exploring innovative renewable materials that can be traced back from package to origin. We will continue to look for more ways to incorporate renewable materials into our packages in order to support this long term goal.

At the same time we are working towards developing more advanced and innovative technologies, such as eBeam, that provide outstanding performance while minimizing the impact to the environment.

EC: Would you recommend entering for Ethical Corporation’s Responsible Business Awards to your peers? 

TP: Ethical Corporation is well regarded in the field of sustainability, and they play a vital role in recognising the efforts businesses are making to become more responsible. For this reason, we would definitely recommend entering the awards to our peers.

For more information about the Awards visit here

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The Responsible Business Awards 2016

September 2016, London

Ethical Corp’s prestigious Awards will recognise and celebrate responsible business practice from around the globe. 2015 winners included: Telefónica UK, Novelis, Jaguar Land Rover, KPMG, Timberland & AkzoNobel. Entry deadline 6th July 2016!

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