Ethical Corporation's Responsible Business Trends 2018 report provides unique insights into current trends, investments and foci of sustainable business professionals from across the globe.

The annual Responsible Business Trends report, now in its 4th iteration, features feedback and insight from 1,542 business professionals from across the globe. within the Ethical Corp community that took the time to share their experiences and outlooks in our survey. On average, across the 4-year period, the report has featured feedback from 1,900 business executives.

Throughout the report there are comparisons made against our past three annual reports dating back to 2015. Exclusively driven by primary data from the Ethical Corporation global community, the report can serve as a benchmark for organisations to understand how sustainable and responsible business is evolving and being operationalised around the globe.

This year’s report aims to highlight trends and foci from our global community. Areas of focus include:

  • Integrating sustainability into mainstream strategy: What parts of the business does the sustainability strategy directly impact, the role of sustainability teams, does it receive top-level buy-in?

  • Measuring the impact and ROI: Do sustainability initiatives drive revenue and savings for the business, are respondents accurately measuring the impact of their initiatives, does sustainability deliver ROI?

  • The SDGs and Paris Agreement:. Are the SDGs being integrated into business strategy, which SDGs are the main focus for business, what are the challenges of incorporating the SDGs into business strategy, what is the role of business in helping meet the Paris Agreement?

  • Future prospects: How will sustainability evolve in the year ahead, what’s important and not important for businesses and which companies are pioneering the way for transformational change?

Talking on the report’s findings Louise Scott, Director Global Sustainability at PwC, states “It is great to see further evidence of what we are seeing in the market - that increasingly sustainability is driving mainstream strategy, which is reflective of the increase in the number of businesses that are aligning to the SDGs, together with another improvement in the proportion of CEOs that are convinced of the value of sustainability. Respondents recognise the role of business as a key driving force for ensuring the goals are met - and so this combination is critical for the success of the SDGs”

A full copy of this year’s report can be accessed here


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