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In just four weeks’ time over 150 leading CSR reporting, communications and ESG professionals will meet in London at our 10th Annual CR Reporting and Communications Summit. As part of the knowledge exchange in the build-up to the event, we reached out to the Ethical Corporation community to get an understanding of top trends and issues both now and looking into 2017.

Through original research, our new State of CR Reporting and Communications 2016 whitepaper identifies the critical issues for our community and particularly those that work within CSR departments. Nearly 1,000 professionals from around the globe contributed to our research via a survey conducted during a two-week period in July and August 2016.

The below key findings give you a brief snapshot at some of the stand-out findings from this report, helping you get a quick digest of some of the key takeaways. More detailed analysis of the nuances between CSR departments and the rest is outlined in the report:

  • Proving the value of sustainability: Nearly 40% of organisations identified this as the biggest opportunity in 2016/2017

  • Increasing engagement with key stakeholder groups: 51% of our community identified this as the number one issue. Engaging Millennials is the least important issue over the next 12 months

  • Too much time is being spent on the reporting process: 60% of respondents agreed that too much time is being spent on the reporting process. This drops to 57% when focusing on just respondents that work within the CSR department

  • Increased CFO engagement: Only 25% of executives stated their CFO is absolutely convinced of the value of the CSR report. It’s evident that more engagement is required with the CFO around the value of the CSR report.

The full 16-page report is available as a free download here

Key issues and opportunities in this report were echoed over the past few months in our routine conversations with leading sustainability and reporting practitioners. These opportunities and issues form the key focus at the upcoming 10th Annual CR Reporting and Communications Summit, which is taking place in London on the 20th and 21st October.

The summit is Europe’s leading event that focuses on CSR Reporting and Communications discussed solely from a corporate perspective. The event features an un-rivalled speaker line-up with a cross-industry perspective from the likes of; Pirelli, The European Commission, Ericsson, SAB Miller, Barclays, IKEA Group, Sky and Standard Life to name a few. If you find the content of this white paper useful, then please do take a look at the conference here

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