Millennials, Politics, And Direct Mail- Plus Australia Post's Joint Venture With Aramex

The US Postal Service recently released a report into how direct mail can be used to target millennial voters. Joining me to discuss this in depth is Brian G Denneny, the US Postal Service’s Executive Director of Sales.

You can listen to the podcast here

  • Are millennials interested in mail?
  • How does direct mail compare with other forms of political advertising?
  • What level of engagement does political direct mail have?
  • How can mail be integrated into a multifaceted political campaign?
  • Does direct mail work for local political campaigns as well as national political campaigns?

You can download the USPS paper "Political Mail and Millennials" from the Deliver The Win website.

Later on in the podcast, Cathy Morrow Roberson from Logistics Trends & Insights joins me to talk about the new deal between Australia Post and Aramex.
(We get a bit side-tracked and talk about evening deliveries and - wait for it - delivery by drone.)
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