M&S’s David Walmsley on Omnichannel Supply Chain Strategy (Part 1 of 6-part Podcast Series)

Strategy is one of many recent publications to highlight UK’s status as one of the world’s leaders in omnichannel retail. Why is the UK always so consistently highly ranked?

In the run up to the Dynamic Distribution Disruption (D3) Retail Summit, we spoke to David Walmsley, Global Digital Director of Marks & Spencer (multi-billion dollar international retailer) about their upcoming omnichannel strategy. We talked about how they align their supply chain network with digital demand, what their focus for the American market is, and what has helped them innovate in the current disruptive landscape.

Listen to (or read) the podcast here for some fantastic insights

“I think the end-to-end planning piece is fundamental. You need to be able to link together your customer view with your commercial view with your stock view. Like I explained earlier, every week I’ve got a key touch point, where I bring together the digital team, the buying team and the supply chain team. That joining point in planning is fundamental to our success.” David Walmsley, M&S

Don’t miss the full interview. Listen to (or read) the podcast now

This is part 1 of a 6-part podcast series. Up next is John Munnelly, Head of Operations, John Lewis.

Watch this space...

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