eyeforpharma Barcelona Awards 2016

Mar 15, 2016 - Mar 17, 2016, Barcelona

The search for the most valuable and innovative patient-centric initiatives

eyeforpharma Barcelona Awards 2016: For the Truly Enlightened

We're backing brave, shining a light on companies that put the patient at the heart of their approach.

The eyeforpharma Barcelona Awards 2016 are designed to acknowledge the true value that the industry provides, and champion those who are making progress to surpass the usual ‘Best Digital Campaign’ or ‘Best Sales Company of the Year’ accolades to focus on what really matters to the future of pharma – patient centricity, customer care, and innovations that enhance value. The judges, who include patients, physicians and payers aren’t looking for merely “good” or “exceptional,” but initiatives that have broken down silo thinking and are genuinely putting the patient first.

The revolution is here

There is a revolution within pharma and to ignore it comes at a company’s own peril. Patient centricity is no longer just a buzzword and pharma’s way of doing things is undergoing radical change. As purveyors of deep expertise in their chosen field, pharma now has to take cognizance of the fact that the patient is also an expert – in their own health and disease – and work together to create solutions.

This isn’t an easy task – traditional measurements, like ROI, have to be challenged, and innovators may encounter stonewalling from superiors who feel that new ideas aren’t sufficiently proven. The winners of the eyeforpharma Barcelona Awards 2016 will be those individuals or teams who truly believe in their patient-centric ideals and are prepared to go out on a limb to make them work.

“Most business organization models are built to serve the organization, not the patients or customers. To reshape an organizational model, it is critical that your model represents your beliefs,” says Dustin Seale of Senn Delaney, the London-based culture-shaping consultants. This means that for a culture shift to take place, a change has to occur not only in the way things are done but in the company’s entire way of thinking. The Barcelona Awards will shine a spotlight on warriors at the forefront of this change.

Proving the value of initiatives

Awards will be presented across five categories, including, a brand new category: Most Valuable Pharma Collaboration - designed to reward pharma companies who have formed partnerships inside or outside the industry in efforts to combine specialist skills and resources in a smart way. “This new award has been launched after suggestions from an invited panel of pharma CEOs to determine how best to improve eyeforpharma's awards program,” says Paul Simms, eyeforpharma Chairman. “It is a challenging new category: the winner of Most Valuable Pharma Collaboration will be somebody who has made the sum of the whole far, far greater than the parts.”

A taster of what the judges are looking for

In 2015, the Customer Innovator Award winner, Christi Marsh, Director North American Medical Information and Communications at UCB, was praised by judges: "This candidate shows a high degree of empathy with patients and subsequently drove forward a solution that best met their needs rather than just the company's".

Janssen Healthcare scooped both the Most Valuable Patient Initiative and Most Valuable HCP or Healthcare Initiative awards for their Care4Today program aimed at empowering patients and engaging them to play an active role in their recovery.

The Lifetime Achievement Award for 2016 will be selected by a free vote from eyeforpharma’s panel of expert judges, based on a consistent approach to culture change over many years. The current holder of the Award is Roch Doliveux, CEO of UCB, who feels that the 9000 people in UCB share in the award due to their courage in adhering to patient centricity.



Judges are looking for leaders with the courage to initiate change, carry through those changes despite challenges, and who can prove the success of their service or initiatives through data, and patient and HCP response.

The bar is high

The bar is high for the 2016 contestants and winners will be announced during the keynote presentations at eyeforpharma Barcelona 2016, 15-17th March, in front of an audience of senior players in the sector.

Before you enter, ask yourself if you are a true warrior in the fight for change. Does your work or the work of your company put the patient first? Are your contributions measurable? If so, then it is time to inspire others.

The deadline for nominations is Friday 11 December 2015. Download your entry form here.


eyeforpharma Barcelona Awards 2016

Mar 15, 2016 - Mar 17, 2016, Barcelona

The search for the most valuable and innovative patient-centric initiatives