Peak commissions new test facilities for high-spec plug systems

Peak Well Systems has commissioned two new ISO Test Facilities in Perth, Australia and Aberdeen, UK to test its advanced well plug systems.

The new facilities provide a controlled environment for testing downhole plug systems under extreme conditions for prolonged periods of time, the company says.

Both sites have refrigeration capabilities essential for rapid temperature cycling, thus simulating the most hostile of thermal conditions.

Inaugural tests were successfully performed in Perth last month and witnessed by third party certifying authority, DNV GL.

Amongst the first products being tested are Peak’s new range of V3-rated SIMPLUS products, certified to withstand high pressure fluid and temperature cycling conditions.

Peak says they have already seen significant uptake from operators in Australasia and the Middle East.

Peak’s Test Facility in Aberdeen will be fully operational in January 2015 and will be used for testing future product lines.

The company acquired an exclusive licence for V0-rated MetaPlex® sealing technology earlier this year, and testing of its upcoming V0-rated product range includes high pressure and temperature cycling conditions in gaseous environments.

Robin McGowan, chief technology officer at Peak Well Systems, commented: “As wells become more challenging, HPHT conditions and increased gas production limit the capabilities of existing technologies. To address this, Peak is developing new products that will effectively increase the operating window and improve both the life and the productivity of our customers’ wells.”