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Supply Chain Technology

Challenging logistics to become agile, data-driven and customer-centric

Logistics has been flipped on its head by the events of the last 18 months. Customers now demand a smooth, seamless, reliable, delivery experience from their providers. This is not being delivered – as logistics companies are riddled with slow, manual, clunky processes.

Technology leaders at logistics companies are now pivotal to the commercial success of their organizations. They must drive innovation and change in this manual-heavy and slow industry. Join us as we unite logistics technology innovators as we build a dynamic, streamlined, agile logistics network fit for purpose, together

Healthcare Supply Chain

Transform Healthcare Supply Chain Operations, Maximize Value to Patients and Build Sustainable, Digital Partnerships

The Reuters Events Healthcare Supply Chain program unites supply chain, logistics and technology leaders and decision makers from across the vast healthcare space (from pharma companies and healthcare distributors to health facilities and beyond) to tackle the dual challenge of transforming and streamlining traditional supply chain complexities whilst meeting increasing patient demands.

Combining strategic thought leadership with innovative tech pioneers, the future of the industry is primed to be discussed, dissected, and determined.

Supply Chain Planning

Supply chains must go from survival mode to proactive mode, with a high-performance planning, forecasting and analytics model to earn customer trust, loyalty and market share in the new wave of e-commerce and customer expectations. Fall behind, and risk losing the hearts, minds and spend of your customers.

With supply chain planning now central to commercial success, planning departments are set to undergo a new wave of transformative processes to switch from outdated manual data processing models to a reliable, fast and cost-effective predictive strategy.

2021 is the year to set the budgets, innovate and prepare to scale collaboratively to change the way brands plan supply chains and forecast demand, and exceed expectations of savvy, demanding customers.


Companies around the globe are under increasing scrutiny to become more efficient, cost-competitive and flexible in their manufacturing processes. Recent disruptions have exposed the inadequacies of modern manufacturing process with systems that are not connected and unable to talk to each other.

Join us as we bring together the manufacturing community from industries such as FMCG, Consumer Electronics, Hi-Tech, Healthcare, Aerospace, Apparel/Retail and many more, to discuss common challenges, trends and creating benchmarking best practice which will help businesses understand how to best leverage and implement technology into their manufacturing functions.


Procurement has long been seen as the function that drives down costs, contract by contract. Due to the impacts of the pandemic, procurement is now expected to be more strategic… to enable business growth through more collaborative relationships with suppliers, by being at the forefront of ESG initiatives and to leverage new technologies such as AI to embed resilience into the organization.

Join us as we consider people, process technology and partners to aid the procurement function in this seismic shift from cost saver to business enabler.

Supply Chain Execution

Deliver a Dependable Service for your Customers


Supply Chain Execution has been in the digital wilderness for far too long. Tweaking. Iterating. Making minor adjustments to slow… clunky…disjointed systems.

With supply chain execution now central to business-success, supply chain executives must embrace a digital mindset and accept that this isn’t just a buzz phrase but a requirement for a modern, data-driven customer-centric supply chain execution process.

Join us as we consider people, process, technology and partners to drive operational efficiency across your transportation and warehouse network.

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Metro AG

Sami Naffakh



Dirk Holbach



Kim Macgillavry

Strategy Director



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