Learn from I3G, a new Janssen subsidiary and Prostate.net in this exclusive eyeforpharma webinar

To deliver useful services and improve patient outcomes in a commercially sustainable way, the current model doesn’t work. Pharma, as it stands, does not have the level of trust it needs to work with patients and payers to improve health outcomes.

To solve this problem, Janssen-Cilag has created a new and separate company dedicated healthcare service provider exclusively focused on improving integrated care through service innovation – an initiative that’s had great feedback already from payers.

In our free webinar recordings, they and a patient group will give you a step-by-step guide to show you how you can deliver true value to your stakeholders. Here's what we will cover:

  • The GM of I3G, Janssen’s subsidiary new innovative dedicated initiative, provides a detailed case study on a new innovative partnership
  • Understand how a new Janssen subsidiary worked with German payer, AOK, to develop a program for integrated care, strengthened ambulatory care
  • Learn from the President of Prostate.net about what the empowered patient needs, how their needs are different to patients in the past and how to work with patient advocacy groups to improve outcomes

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Virgil H. Simons
Founder & President
The Prostate Net

Dr. Klaus Suwelack
General Manager