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In an era when information overload and excessive noise threaten to take over, our reliance on the MSL to engage in high-quality communication has never been as strong as it is today. So in theory, the future couldn't be be rosier for KOL-facing roles, right?

Unfortunately, we are not there yet. The challenges only seem to be increasing. We must find more effective ways to engage KOLs. Learn from some leading minds what really does work in this modern era, with a focus on alternative solutions that have shown some success but are not yet widely adopted.

As you may have already heard, eyeforpharma has formed a new partnership with the MSL Society in order to bring these ideas to you. In our first joint initiative, we have designed a free webinar. We'll provide you with the understanding you need to optimize your Key Opinion Leader Programs. We'll talk you through the need for consensus, alignment with business goals, socialization and measurement. We will discuss the evolving role of the MSL in today's environment and within increasingly popular Contract Research Organizations.

Finally, we will explain the MSL Society's new efforts designed to help optimize MSL/KOL engagement and help you in your job.

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We are pleased to announce the following speakers will be sharing their insights:

Eric Silfen

Dr. Eric Silfen

Chief Medical Officer

Philips Health Care


Stewart Rosen

Dr. Stewart Rosen

Vice President of Medical Affairs



Samuel Dyer

Dr. Samuel Dyer

Chairman of the Board

Medical Science Liaison Society


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