The most senior and diverse speaker line-up

Fidaa Chaar - Headshot
Societe Generale - Logo

Fidaa Chaar Chief Operations Officer and Chief Customer Officer Societe Generale

Richard Haddad - Headshot
Jannah Hotels and Resorts - Logo

Richard Haddad Chief Executive Officer Jannah Hotels and Resorts

Amber Kirby - Headshot
Eurostar - Logo

Amber Kirby Director of Brand and Customer Experience Eurostar

Sarah Metcalfe - Headshot
Sure Petcare - Logo

Sarah Metcalfe Head of Customer Experience Sure Petcare

Robin Daniels - Headshot
South West Business Council - Logo

Robin Daniels Chief Executive Officer South West Business Council

Michael Williamson - Headshot
True Loyal Fans - Logo

Michael Williamson CEO & Co-Founder True Loyal Fans

Paolo Fabrizio - Headshot
Customer Service Culture - Logo

Paolo Fabrizio Digital Customer Service Consultant, Trainer, Author Customer Service Culture

Natalia Gutierrez - Headshot
Grupo Telepizza - Logo

Natalia Gutierrez Communications and Employee Experience Grupo Telepizza

Eloise Boezak - Headshot
African Bank - Logo

Eloise Boezak Head of Customer Experience African Bank

Nomty Malevu - Headshot
SA Taxi - Logo

Nomty Malevu Head of Customer Service SA Taxi

Jervais Choo - Headshot
National Heritage Board Singapore - Logo

Jervais Choo Deputy Director, Organisational Design and Innovation National Heritage Board Singapore

Megan Merrick - Headshot
Freshly - Logo

Megan Merrick Online Engagement Manager Freshly

Sadia Khuram - Headshot
Jazz - Logo

Sadia Khuram VP Market & Products Jazz

Guilherme Rodrigues - Headshot

Guilherme Rodrigues Assistant Vice President of Customer Experience and Design Lead First Abu Dhabi Bank

Adri Lubbe - Headshot
African Bank - Logo

Adri Lubbe Head of Omni-Channel and User Experience African Bank

Leigh Currie - Headshot
ACCA - Logo

Leigh Currie Head of Global Customer Service ACCA

Trevor Gordon - Headshot
Sodexo - Logo

Trevor Gordon Director Global Omnichannel Retail Sodexo

Maria Lagutina - Headshot

Maria Lagutina Head of Customer Journey, Innovation and Customer Experience and CX Expert

Tim Bond - Headshot
DMA - Logo

Tim Bond Head of Insight and PR DMA

Anna Frigerio - Headshot
DMA - Logo

Anna Frigerio Insight Executive DMA

Ido Bornstein-HaCohen - Headshot
Conversocial - Logo

Ido Bornstein-HaCohen Chief Executive Officer Conversocial

Oscar Giraldo - Headshot
Playvox - Logo

Oscar Giraldo Founder & CEO Playvox

David Cousins - Headshot
Twilio Flex - Logo

David Cousins EMEA Contact Center Specialist Lead Twilio Flex

Sam Richardson - Headshot
Twilio Foundry - Logo

Sam Richardson Senior Visioneering Consultant Twilio Foundry

Martin Schneider - Headshot
SugarCRM - Logo

Martin Schneider Head of Corporate Strategy SugarCRM

Colin Crowley - Headshot
Freshly - Logo

Colin Crowley Vice President Customer Experience Freshly