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2021 Agenda

2022 agenda coming soon!

Off the back of the toughest year in Oil & Gas’ history, the 2021 program has been curated with YOU in mind. Designed to combat energy transitions, volatile markets, budget cuts and disparate assets, this year’s program offers all the solutions you need to overcome the downturn.

DDOG 2021 Focal Points:

  • Scaling digital across upstream by breaking down silos
  • Working towards low-carbon and net zero whilst meeting demand
  • Moving away from manual process through automation

Full 2021 Agenda

*Please note all timings are currently provisional and are subject to change at the discretion of the event organisers*

*Please note: All event timings are in Central Time US*

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  • Day 1: June 14
  • Day 1: June 14 - Afternoon Interactive Sessions
  • Day 2: June 15
  • Day 2: June 15 - Afternoon Interactive Sessions
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Day 1: June 14

8:50am (10 mins)

Chairperson Introduction & Welcome

Reuters Events Jade Waters Event Director Reuters Events

Bain & Co. Jim Claunch Event Chair Bain & Co.

9:00am (15 mins)

Keynote Presentation: Digital as the Driving Force of the Future of Integrated Oil & Gas

  • Recognize the successes, challenges and failures faced in BPs digital transformation journey
  • Understand the industry’s progress in implementing digital, and what challenges are being faced in a remote world
  • Look to the future of the digital upstream, understanding how to turn ideas into reality and radically reduce the production price per barrel

BP Rob Kelly VP Digital Production & Projects BP

9:15am (45 mins)

Keynote Panel: Digital Transformation in Action: Upstream Operations

  • Shared examples of digital transformation in action from supermajor E&Ps
  • Discover how to successfully scale digital across operations and breakdown siloes
  • Hear the key digital strategies in place to reduce cost, lower carbon emissions and reduce downtime

Shell Lee Hodder VP Upstream Digital Transformation Shell

Eni Giacomo Silvestri Group Head of Digital Eni

TIBCO Michael O’Connell Chief Analytics Officer TIBCO

Carnrite Moderated by: Alan Carnrite CEO Carnrite

10:00am (15 mins)

Keynote Presentation: Open Collaboration For A Sustainable Production Journey

  • Discover why digitalization offers a collaborative path to a sustainable production journey
  • Understand why the combination of open collaboration, integration, and innovative technologies create opportunities at each phase of the asset lifecycle
  • Learn how to move from hydrocarbon production to decarbonization with a full circular energy system

Schlumberger Donald Ross President Production Systems Schlumberger

10:15am (30 mins)

Presentation: The Open Subsurface Data Universe: What’s New for 2021

  • Understand why this open forum has attracted so many owners from around the world
  • Learn how vendors, academia, and operators are scaling innovation in advanced analytics, AI and Deep Learning across upstream O&G

Shell Johan Krebbers VP IT Innovation & GM Digital Emerging Technologies Shell

10:45am (15 mins)

Fireside Chat: Upstream to Midstream Communications

  • As oil & gas becomes part of integrated energy, upstream, midstream and downstream are also starting to merge. Hear how DCP’s digital transformation is having rapid, near real time, accurate, meaningful, and complete data with context
  • How to reach operational optimization by understanding how to plan and coordinate in the long term

DCP Midstream Bill Johnson Group VP and Chief Transformation Officer DCP Midstream

Bain & Co. Jim Claunch Senior Advisor Digital Transformation Bain & Co.

11:00am (45 mins)

Panel: The Digital Workforce: Digital Firepower Relies on Brainpower

  • Data from oil and gas executives shows disparities remain between what companies want to do and what their current workforce can do.
  • Hear from industry leaders how oil and gas companies can capture maximum value with a human-centered approach to their digital investments. 
  • Understand how the energy transition is making digital and an agile workforce even more critical and how a well-skilled workforce can fuel competitive advantage.

Wood Darren Martin Chief Technology Officer Wood

BP Stacia Fosi Principal Data Manager, Production and Projects - Innovation & Engineering BP

Schlumberger Kahina Abdeli-Galinier Marketing Director Digital & Integration Schlumberger

Ernst & Young LLP Moderator: Timothy Haskell US Oil & Gas Leader, People Advisory Services Ernst & Young LLP

11:45am (15 mins)

Presentation: Prioritizing Investments in Digital Energy Transformation – Build, Buy or Collaborate?

  • Organisations continue to reduce budgets while looking to extract increased value from their data and automate the decision making process using advanced data science and AI.
  • Choosing how to prioritise technology investment decisions has become ever more important and in particular how companies balance their investments between internal development, vendor technology and industry collaborative initiatives.
  • This presentation considers some of the key considerations in prioritizing investments.

Dell Technologies David Holmes CTODell Technologies

12:00pm (15 mins)

Presentation: Accelerate The Digital Ambition of TotalEnergies Through The Creation of Its Digital Factory

  • How is organized the Digital factory to manage all type of activities.
  • How a global Digital Factory works with all business units to manage a 5 years digital ambition for the entire Group.
  • The advantage to have a global organisation instead of specific ones per domain or business unit.

TotalEnergies Frédéric Gimenez Chief Digital Officer TotalEnergies

12:15pm (45 mins)

Panel: Female Leaders Framing the Future of Upstream O&G

  • Pick the brain of top female executives
  • Hear how the downturn of the industry can be a catalyst for change within their organizations both digitally and culturally
  • Understand how women in leadership can add 6% to the bottom line and how developing diversity across a company isn’t a quick fix but a long-term business imperative

Chevron Raquel Clement Digital Product Line Manager Chevron & Chairperson Blockchain For Energy

Pioneer Natural Resources Rashi Gajula Automation & Digital Transformation Leader at Pioneer Natural Resources & Vice-Chairperson Blockchain For Energy

Hess Alyssa Mueller Member at Blockchain for Energy & Digital Enablement & Architecture Lead - Information Technology, Hess Hess

Strategic Transformation Partners Moderator: Tracy Beam CEO Strategic Transformation Partners

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1:00pm (15 mins)

Leveraging Data Fabrics for Optimized O&G Operations

  • Link the design principles of smart fields to outcomes for oil and gas operations
  • Understand how to connect data assets and the associated value chain to high impact operational areas
  • See examples of organizations accelerating time-to-value and reducing NPT

Denodo Quinn Lewis Consulting Director Denodo

1:15pm (15 mins)

Fireside Chat: Collaboration as a Competitive Advantage for our Industry

  • Why companies are turning to consortiums instead of setting up their own individual centre of excellence for new technology
  • Realizing value by gaining upfront agreement on new digital ways of working
  • Partnering to learn and spring board the industry to modernize and meet evolving expectations

Blockchain for Energy Rebecca Hofmann President Blockchain for Energy

Chevron Raquel Clement Digital Product Line Manager Chevron & Chairperson Blockchain For Energy

Afternoon Interactive Sessions

1:30pm-2:30pm (60 mins)

Live Q&A Speaker Greenroom: Keynote Presenters

  • Come face-to-face with speakers from Day 1
  • Get answers all your burning questions from earlier in the day
  • Exclusive insight from decision-makers and thought leaders across upstream

Day 1 Keynote Speaking Faculty

2pm-3pm (60 mins)

Roundtable: Blockchain Applications for ESG

  • Why Blockchain and ESG are a great fit
  • Discuss potential applications for ESG utilizing blockchain technologies in upstream operations and its benefits for ESG
  • Overcome challenges in adopting blockchain in the upstream sector

Blockchain for Energy Rebecca Hofmann President Blockchain for Energy

Blockchain for Energy Gino Valverde Head of Operations Blockchain for Energy

Day 2: June 15

8:50am (10 mins)

Chairperson Introduction & Welcome

Reuters Events Jade Waters Event Director Reuters Events

Bain & Co. Jim Claunch Event Chair Bain & Co.

9:00am (45 mins)

Keynote Technical Panel: The Digitally Integrated Oilfield

  • Navigate an era of digital transformation in a remotefre-working environment
  • Hear best practices on establishing a business case for data analytics including demonstrating ROI and understanding what is possible for analytics in E&P operations
  • Reduce NPT by uncovering hidden patterns in data from the formation and operational parameters to identify optimal conditions

Chevron Alysia Green GM IT Engineering Chevron

Schlumberger Kari Anne Kjolaas-Holland Director of Digital Operations Solutions Schlumberger

Red Hat John Archer Chief Architect - Energy Red Hat

Dell Technologies Chris Lenzsch Solutions Architect, Connected Digital Operations Dell Technologies

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9:45am (15 mins)

Fireside Chat: The Digital Energy Enablement Platform (EY DEEP)

  • EY Digital Energy Enablement Platform combines Microsoft’s scalable, enterprise cloud platform with EY’s leading industry and technology experience to provide the tools defining the future of exploration.
  • Learn how to cut time and money by up to 30% by integrating and automating more than a dozen well planning and design sub-disciplines, and their related workflows, tools, and data

EY Deborah Byers EY Americas Industry Leader, US Oil & Gas Leader EY

EY Erik Funfar EY Digital Energy Enablement Platform LeaderEY

10:00am (45 mins)

Panel: The Role for Oil & Gas in a Sustainable Future

  • Pressure from investors to improve returns and environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance has increased
  • To enable “The Great Reset” and address stakeholder needs, the oil and gas industry must define a new social contract, aligning sustainability to overall corporate strategies, and embracing responsible leadership

Emerson Mike Train Chief Sustainability Officer Emerson

BP Meryl Wingfield VP Environmental Sustainability Strategy & Sustainability BP

Crestwood Equity Partners LP Joanne Howard Vice President, Sustainability & Corporate Communications Crestwood Equity Partners LP

Strategic Transformation Partners Moderator: Tracy Beam CEO Strategic Transformation Partners

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10:45am (15 mins)

Fireside Chat: What does the Energy Transition mean for Oil & Gas?

  • Whilst biofuels, battery charging and carbon capture technologies are useful, they only contribute to 1% of the industry’s total capital expenditure. Understand how advanced predictive maintenance can reduce your total operations time, thereby reducing your asset’s footprint
  • Discover how connected technologies are helping to refine maintenance procedures, deliver accurate emissions information and provide insightful data to advance on-site production strategies through the cloud

Road to the Digital World Saeed Mubarak Chairman of SPE-DETS and Founder of Road to the Digital World

Endeavor Philippe Flichy Digital Transformation Strategic Advisor Endeavor

11:00am (15 mins)

Fireside Chat: Digital and Energy Transition Go Hand-in-Hand

  • Understand the importantace of a 'Digital First' mindset
  • Learn how Digital and Sustainability must be transversal across the value-chain
  • Energy mindset, vs OilField

Repsol Ramy Eid Head of E&P Digital Repsol

Bain & Co. Jim Claunch Senior Advisor Digital Transformation Bain & Co.

11:15am (15 mins)

Fireside Chat: Integrated Drilling: The Holistic Approach to Well Construction

  • Discover how a more holistic and collaborative approach results in a game-changing synergistic performance improvement with this forward-thinking case study
  • Learn how integrating drilling systems can lead to better project management and improved well designs at lower rates
  • Understand how operators, contractors and the supply chain can utilize superior data standards models to improve operational ability and cut drilling accuracy in the field

Schlumberger Jesus Lamas President - Well Construction Schlumberger

Reuters Events Charlotte Howlett Head of Oil & GasReuters Events

11:45am (15 mins)

Fireside Chat: Digital Twin: Beyond the Technology

  • Gain a perspective of an end user and how it can change the business
  • Find out the benefits and challenges of a digital twin
  • Learn from Glenn’s perspective on what a “digital twin is and what it isn’t”

Chevron Glenn Lohfink Capital Projects Strategy Planning and Analytics Manager Chevron

Bain & Co. Jim Claunch Senior Advisor Digital Transformation Bain & Co.

11:45am (30 mins)

Panel: Bytes to Barrels: Diving Deeper into Data

  • Find out how to convert information from real-time and historic data into actionable insights and promote effective, safe, and efficient operation
  • Learn how data from multiple sources can be used to train a predictive model that can foresee imminent failures
  • See how an integrated ecosystem is the key to monitoring and data optimization

IPCOS Filip Stroobant Business Manager Digital OilfieldsIPCOS

Stellae Energy Dave Hartell Director, Developments, Operations & Production Stellae Energy

Endeavor Moderated by: Adam Ballard Chief Data Scientist Endeavor

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Afternoon Interactive Sessions

Live Q&As: Speaker Greenroom: Technical Presenters

  • Come face-to-face with speakers from Day 2
  • Get all your burning questions answered
  • Exclusive insight from decision-makers and thought leaders

Day 2 Keynote Speaking Faculty

Roundtable: Aligning Objectives through Data - Tear down the silos!

  • An exclusive roundtable session with the International Association of Directional Drillers

IADD Jim Oberkircher Executive Director IADD

Drakewell Alison Grogan President Drakewell

Corva Ryan Dawson CEO Corva

H&P Technology Company Todd Benson CTO H&P Technology Company

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