See what top travel data professionals in North America are thinking about and how the industry is being transformed by data and analytics

EyeforTravel's Smart Travel Data Summit North America 2017, held in February 2017, saw the industry come together to engage in high-level discussions that would help attendees understand the trends and best practice surrounding data in travel. Across the two days speakers from top brands, such as Hilton, Delta, Accor, Wyndham and IHG, wrestled with the big issues and showed how their brands were creating value from data.

Read the report now and get insights into the following: 

·       The strategies travel brands are adopting to make better use of data;

·       Developments in revenue management techniques;

·       How companies are evolving to become to more agile and effective at deploying findings;

·       Personalization and predictive analytics;

·       Data presentation and visualization;

·       Case studies from a wide variety of travel brands. 


To see every presentation and speech made at the conference through our database of videos and slide shows click here.

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