Part three of our mobile report looks at the partnerships transforming the mobile travel experience, the systems driving this change and how to ensure the security of mobile sites and apps

The Mobile in Travel Report Series seeks to give travel brands all the tools they need to succeed in this sphere, from understanding consumer trends to the nuts bolts of app construction. This is part three of three in the Mobile in Travel Report Series. 

This report series will allow you to comprehensively understand mobile in travel through:

  • The current state of the m-commerce in travel.

  • Mobile search and purchase behaviors.

  • A complete understanding of mobile web and native apps and their inherent advantages.

  • Answering whether mobile web or native apps are more important.

  • Investment strategies.

  • Mobile website construction.

  • The cost of app development and how to build successful apps.

  • Driving app downloads and keeping apps on users’ phones.

  • Understanding how partnerships in travel aimed at mobile are changing.

  • Ensuring mobile content and payment is secure and trusted.

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