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How ZingTrip is putting health at the heart of business travel

Keeping fit and healthy has never been more important so why should that stop when you are travelling? With ZingTrip it doesn’t have to

ZingTrip, the winner of the EyeforTravel North America start-up award, is looking to make business travel a healthier experience.

Compared with previous generations, people today are far more conscious about health and fitness, and they are also travelling a whole lot more. “But the problem,” says ZingTrip founder Tyler Davis, “is that when travelling on business, people often lose sight of their fitness goals and slip into less desirable habits and routines.”

Davis recognised there was a gap in the market when running his own personal training business back in 2014. “It became clear that many of my clients would miss out on workouts when travelling,” he says. At the same time, as a fitness professional there was no way for Davis to connect with potential clientele that might be staying at a nearby hotel on a business trip.

ZingTrip aims to bridge this gap between travel and health with a technology platform that offers easily accessible health and fitness options for travellers at their destination. “ZingTrip is the next market evolution at the intersection of health and travel,” Davis says.

In essence, it’s a personal travel fitness and wellness concierge to keep travellers healthy and fit on every trip.

Prioritising partnerships

Funded by a family and friends' seed round, ZingTrip is a pay-as-you-go model just like flights and hotels. “We partner with select top-rated wellness and fitness providers to optimise listings on both standard and premium rates to conveniently meet the demands of traveling professionals,” he explains.

Right now the firm is looking to grow the business, and is focusing on two main areas.

  • Application development: The team is working on and releasing new app updates to support THE next phase of onboarding. This is expected in December.
  • Partnerships: It is also establishing business partnerships with companies that value the on-trip well being of their employees, and is rolling out focused pilots to support travel experiences.

As a start-up there are always challenges to overcome and there have been some early lessons. Davis shares three of those that the ZingTrip team has embraced this past year.

1. Take proactive stance. This leads to good business for your health and travels.

2. Follow 3 D's. Do, delegate, or delete when achieving tasks.

3. Be brief. Be bright. Be done. When telling a story or communicating a message in a meeting.

The runner up of this year’s start up awards was Kiva Solutions, a meetings space distributor to connect hotels and bookers.

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