EyeforTravel North America 2018

October 2018, Las Vegas

Understand how data, digital and partnerships can make your marketing work again

A free Friday video for the last mile to Las Vegas

What are the most pressing issues facing travel marketers in a mobile and digital age?

How to deliver a superior customer experience and delight your customers at every turn is the challenge facing marketers everywhere. But how do you achieve this in a mobile and digital age?

In less than a week, at EyeforTravel North America, this will be the subject of a panel shared by Josh Margolis, VP - Customer Journey & Digital Products, Caesars Corporation, Scott Brodows, VP - Hotel Supplyat Hopper and Christina Heggie, Principal, jetBlue Technology Ventures. The discussion and debate could go in several directions. What is the big picture vision?

Who is winning the battle to surprise and delight – the supplier or the intermediary? Is personalisation really happening, or is it just spin? Are price prediction tools a blessing or a curse? Which new technologies should you back, and what should you beware of?

As a taster of what to expect, here is a free Friday video from EyeforTravel’s comprehensive content library featuring jetBlue’s Christina Heggie.

If you prefer a print experience, here is an exclusive interview with JetBlue’s Christina Heggie or, better still, join us last minute for EyeforTravel North America, which takes place next week in Las Vegas.

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