EyeforTravel North America 2018

October 2018, Las Vegas

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Blockchain: should you care?

Because it’s Friday, here is a free video from an afternoon workshop at EyeforTravel Europe earlier this month, which attempts to demystify what this emerging technology could mean for business

If EyeforTravel’s inbox this past month is anything to go by, blockchain fever continues. Travelport, for one, says it has been exploring potential blockchain applications to build new platforms with predictions on how it will affect the travel industry – everything from managing inventory, to processing transactions and confirming traveller identity.

Then there are the emerging tech plays. Tapping into the emerging IoT landscape, Hdac is of the view that “it is paramount that new technologies be built on trust”. That is what its platform aims to do and “will be a key tool for implementing a more reasonable and efficient transaction system as the worlds of blockchain and IoT converge”. Oh, and they are already advertising on telly!

And to round that up, there is the NYNJA (vOS), which has the big claim of being the world’s first virtual operating system for the blockchain.

Meanwhile, Winding Tree has a new website and has released it’s latest engineering update, amid criticism that a commission-less, permission-less blockchain for the complex hotel industry just can’t work.

At EyeforTravel Europe Joerg Esser, a theoretical physicist, former Thomas Cook executive and now consultant to Roland Berger, delivered a workshop attempting to demystify some of the claims being made. We’ve made this free for you to watch for the next week.



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