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Commissions, rising acquisition costs, price undercutting – it’s hard to be a modern hotelier and it means that the channels they directly control are more vital than ever before. In the right hands, direct channels and strong funnels to them give hoteliers critical breathing room in the cut-throat world of online accommodation. They can generate big savings for a brand, allow ownership of customer data and potentially help to generate long-term loyalty.

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Creating and maintaining direct channels that generate strong returns is a major challenge, however. Hotels will need to weigh their options and perfect established techniques, such as loyalty programs, their marketing mix and their identity, as well as developing new strategies to convince customers to transact directly. After all, the future strength of their own brands is at stake.

This free report from EyeforTravel and Fornova will investigate the methods that the hotel industry is employing to drive direct bookings, the challenges they face and the future of direct as a channel.

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This report features:

  • Industry and consumer survey data from hundreds of travel suppliers and thousands of consumers
  • Viewpoints from major hotel chains and independents on key tactics
  • Analysis of the state of direct booking rates to benchmark your performance against
  • Tactics to improve direct channel booking rates and increase loyalty
  • Strategies to increase channel visibility and get more guests into your funnel.

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This report is part of the State of Hospitality Distribution Report Series. In this we cover metasearch, direct and OTA channels, assessing the health and landscape of each before giving you the information to maximise their effectiveness. Keep an eye out for our upcoming OTA reports and click here for the metasearch report.

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