What's Next for VR in Film?

Free white paper report on the opportunities and challenges for VR in the move industry

With his recent switch from 20th Century Fox to Paramount, we spoke to acclaimed futurist Ted Schilowitz alongside Director of the Lawnmower Man, Brett Leonard, and CEO of Baobab Studios, Maureen Fan, to deliver a free white paper exploring the impact of virtual reality in film and cinema.

The white paper can be downloaded here

Within the white paper, the three influencers discuss the broader challenges and opportunities facing the industry as VR takes hold; from its effect on traditional cinematic storytelling, to its use in studio marketing and promotion strategies, and the many considerations which come with it.

Produced by VR Intelligence, organizers of the VRX conferences in San Francisco and London, the white paper explores:

• Why – and how – the movie industry is starting to embrace VR… but why current studios may not be best placed to take advantage
• Where VR is gaining traction already… and why it needs to be treated as a completely new medium for content to flourish
• The lost opportunities in waiting for virtual reality tech to be perfect; and why cinematic VR will ultimately live or die by the quality and quantity of content being produced

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