Webinar: User experience: what, how much and for how long?

GSK, Lloyds Banking Group and International Virtual Reality and Healthcare Association join XR Intelligence

London: XR experts are getting ready to join a webinar to crack the user experience question and overcome barriers to adoption of immersive technology on Friday 24th January at 10:00 GMT.

Almost every industry could benefit from XR technology in some way and the immersive landscape is growing every year with more solutions and use cases appearing on the market. However, so far adoption is not as widespread as most in the industry would like. One of the hindrances for increasing the use of XR technology in many businesses is the fact that using a Head Mounted Display for the first time can be daunting and immersive content doesn’t always impress. Just about anyone who is driving XR technology needs to remember the user at all times!

The ideal balance of session length, choice of device and content must be struck, developers must understand their users and avoid common pitfalls impeding faster adoption rates! It is only then we will start to see widespread adoption of XR technology in almost every industry.

To take an in-depth look the user experience aspect of immersive technology, XR Intelligence are hosting an exclusive webinar: User experience: what, how much and for how long? The webinar will feature senior level experts from a range of functions and industries including: Bob Fine, Executive Director, IVRHA (International Virtual Reality and Healthcare Association), Gregory Hough, Digital Projects Manager, GSK, Craig Piper, Learning Delivery Manager, Lloyds Banking Group, Asha Easton, Knowledge Transfer Network Manager, Immerse UK and Antony Vitillo, Blogger at The Ghost Howls.

Taking place on Friday 24th January between 10:00 and 11:00 GMT, the webinar will identify and cure common mistakes when developing and implementing XR technology as well as uncover the real value of focus testing and surveys.

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  • Ensure repeat use by striking the ideal balance of session length, choice of device and content
  • Understand your user through focus testing and surveys
  • Identify what to avoid when introducing XR for the first time

Register for this exclusive webinar today

Those who cannot join live will be sent the recordings once the webinar has run.

This webinar is being run in association with XR Intelligence’s upcoming XR Europe Conference & Expo, taking place April 28th 29th, 2020, at the Park Plaza Victoria, London. Expecting more than 300 senior attendees from across gaming, entertainment, healthcare, retail, automotive industries and more, XR Europe is the world’s premier B2B immersive tech event for those wishing to use XR to boost ROI, propel their business forward and engage consumers through immersive, innovative experiences.

More information can be found on the website: https://events.vr-intelligence.com/europe/ or please contact Stefan Mullan directly.


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