Webinar: The State of the XR Market 2019

Experts from HTC Vive, Paramount, SuperData, HP Tech Ventures & EndeavorVR discuss the tech innovations and opportunities arising for VR & AR across enterprise and consumer entertainment

As the rise of virtual and augmented reality gains momentum, the news is filled with exciting new tech and announcements – but what’s the state of the XR market in reality? Where does consumer adoption stand? Which enterprise verticals are investing and what challenges still exist?

On July 10, we got some front-line insights  on these questions and many more from real industry experts at companies including Paramount, HP Tech Ventures, HTC Vive and SuperData. Get access to the full recording here

Assessing these priorities is crucial as the industry moves forward; while the global AR and VR markets are expected to grow to $209.2 billion by the year 2020, the rise in applications of XR means there are plenty of opportunities to overspend and underdeliver. Knowing which verticals to prioritize and how to respond to market demands could be the difference between success and failure.

On Wednesday, July 10  we welcomed a panel of expert speakers to explore the State of the XR Market and discuss the latest tech innovations and where we're seeing growth and opportunities coming.

We were joined by Vinay Narayan, Vice President, Platform Strategy @ HTC Vive, Ted Schilowitz, Futurist in Residence @ Paramount, Stephanie Llamas, Vice President of Strategy & Head of XR @ SuperData, a Nielsen Company, Angelo Del Priore, Partner @ HP Tech Ventures and Amy Peck, Founder of EndeavorVR, to get their perspectives on the state of the market today the strategies tipped to drive future growth.

Get access to the full recording here for exclusive insights into:

• How global adoption is doing and where the XR market hotspots are
• Whether there really is a consumer marketplace for VR & AR/MR yet
• How widespread enterprise penetration is, and which sectors are leading the way
• What is holding up growth and what is needed to trigger market momentum
• Will we see household penetration in 2020? Who’s best placed to deliver it?

For more information, email Kathryn Bloxham on kbloxham@vr-intelligence.com