Webinar: The Explosion of Location Based Virtual Reality

With expert insight from HP, Black Box VR, VRstudios Inc and Charlie Fink

The huge rise of location based VR in the past few years and revenue projections for continued growth over the coming years are well documented.

But what's really happening? Who's making the biggest gains and why? We recently held a webinar with experts from across LBVR to give us their insights on the current state of the market, and what's coming next.

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The panel of experts discussing this topic, included:

• Joanna Popper, Global Head of Virtual Reality for Location Based Entertainment, HP
• Charles Westerberg, Vice President of Business Development, Black Box VR
• Chanel Summers, Vice President of Creative Development, VRstudios, Inc.

Moderated By: Charlie Fink, XR Consultant, Columnist and Author

Key discussion points include:

• Which VR games, experiences and formats are proving most popular in location based entertainment? And why?
• LBE is undoubtedly a growing segment for VR... but what challenges are centers and content creators still facing?
• Are purpose built free-roam VR experiences or multi-game VR arcades seeing the biggest growth? And are location-based AR experiences now coming to market and making gains too?
• What does it take to make an experience stand out from the crowd and get returning customers who spread the word?
• How is location based VR diversifying beyond entertainment into training, education, marketing and more – and what does this mean for the rise of the technology more broadly?

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear about real life scenarios, anecdotes and advice, as well as get your pressing questions answered by the webinar panel.

Get access to the full webinar recording here