Webinar: Augmented Reality for Consumer Engagement & Retail

With expert insight from L'Oreal, NIVEA, Nestlé, Deutsche Telekom and Magic Leap

Augmented reality is starting to be adopted by a whole host of companies to build consumer engagement and enhance customer experience.

Yet, for the few that have crossed the threshold and are creating working AR projects to drive business benefits, questions remain about overall adoption, increasing awareness and measuring ROI.

Oour recent webinar featured an expert panel of speakers will address the topic: AR for Consumer Engagement & Retail – From Fun Feature to Daily Essential

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Hear from a panel of experts discussing this topic:

• Michael Haddad, Augmented Beauty US Director, L'Oreal
• Jasper Krog, Senior Global Digital Innovation Manager, NIVEA
• Max Andaker, Digital Innovation Manager, Nestlé Silicon Valley Innovation Outpost
• Terry Schussler, Director, Immersive Technology, Deutsche Telekom

Moderated by: Cathy Hackl, Enterprise Strategy, Magic Leap

Core topics of discussion:

• A glance at the current state of phone-based AR content and implications for industry growth
• Why is retail a leading segment? What opportunities and challenges still exist for retailers?
• Where are consumers using AR now, and how will they look to use it going forward? What impact will 5G have?
• How are both phone-based and wearable device OEMs looking to capitalize? What tech improvements are needed for improved UX?
• How can we increase AR awareness & adoption and what does the future look like?

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear about real life scenarios, anecdotes and advice, as well as get your pressing questions answered by the webinar panel.

Get access to the full webinar recording and much more here 

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