VR for branding and product showcasing

New free report explores the marketing potential of Virtual Reality

“VR will be an elementary part of the marketing mix within the next five years.” That’s the bold statement made by Marcus Kuehne, Project Lead for VR experience and immersive technologies at Audi digital retail.

VR Intelligence bring you three key thought leaders working in VR today, each one of whom looks to bring the revolutionary experience of virtual reality to benefit major global brands.

Craig Dalton, co-founder and CEO of DODOcase, acted on the potential he saw in virtual reality back in 2014, and has since moved his company to become a strategic partner for Google as part of their Works with Google Cardboard programme.

Marcus Kuehne saw an early prototype of the Oculus Rift, and built a strong working relationship with the founders of Oculus VR to transform the car showroom experience at Audi.

Sol Rogers heads up a major creative agency with hundreds of VR projects under their belt. They have worked with brands such as the BBC and Red Bull, as well as developing a new VR music video for Björk.

With views that challenge the status quo, and a wealth of VR experience that allows these experts to size just how large virtual reality will become in the short to medium term, this invaluable, insightful industry paper is available for you now, entirely free.

Whether you already have a number of VR projects under your belt, or are looking to dive into the world of virtual reality to help support your brand – get the best start possible by following the advice of industry experts.

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