Report: XR in Automotive Retail

VR Intelligence partners with ZeroLight to gain insights on how XR is bringing customers to the showroom

Automotive companies have been using virtual and augmented reality in their design process for decades, as one of the most pioneering industries to do so. But it’s only relatively recently, with the availability of more affordable and practical headsets, that the household name car brands are bringing the technology out of the workshop an onto the showroom floor.

In our most recent report with ZeroLight, a survey 1,000 consumers across Europe showed that over 80% claimed they’d like to see, design and select preferences for their car using VR; while 64.7% would be prompted to visit a dealership if it offered an immersive experience.

The report goes in depth on both the consumer perceptions of XR in the automotive retail experience, as well as those of the car brands currently implementing the technology. Two of those brands leading the way – Audi and BMW – are both featured in the report, giving insight in their own case studies and the impact they’ve had on business.

Alongside the survey results and analysis, the report features interviews and case studies from:

Marcus Kuehne, Strategy Lead for immersive tech, Audi
Damien Mauric, VP of business development, StarVR
Florian Stiller, head of event and sport marketing for Central and South-eastern Europe, BMW Group

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