Latest Stats of VR/AR Enterprise Adoption - SuperData

VRI and SuperData explore which industries and enterprise companies are maximising use of VR/AR

The new wave of affordable VR and AR tech is having a huge impact on how companies design, train, collaborate and market to their audience.

So who are the companies making the most progress and where can immersive tech bring the most value?

In the run up to Immersive Enterprise 2018 in Boston this June, VR Intelligence and SuperData have produced a report on how different companies are using immersive tech and where the investments are being made. Get this exclusive paper for free right here

The report will provide insight on:

- How industry end users use VR and AR now, and where they see it moving forward
- Where VR & AR developers are seeing the most demand for their services – which industries, which applications?
- Where enterprise spend is projected to go between VR and AR, over the coming years

In addition to the data-led white paper, you’ll also gain full access to a video from the recent VRX conference in San Francisco. The discussion features business leaders from Intel, Unreal Engine, Stanford University and more on where the biggest use cases are arising for VR & AR across enterprise.

Click here to download the free white paper and get full access to all VR Intelligence digital content.