Beyond gaming: VR for the rest of the world

Beyond gaming: VR for the rest of the world [Shauna Heller, Founder, Clay Park VR]

Speaking at the VRX USA conference in San Francisco in November 2015, this video features former Oculus Developer Relations Specialist Shauna Heller talking about applications for virtual reality beyond gaming.
After a year and a half working with non-gaming developers at Oculus, Shauna Heller learned a thing or two about how the rest of the world is starting to think about virtual reality. She found the work so compelling and vast she launched her own VR firm to help address what she felt were general misunderstandings of the medium's true potential and to work more closely with non-gaming developers ready to level up. Now, from Fortune 500 companies and brands to historical institutions and public figures, everyone is preparing to dip a toe or dive headlong into the realm of VR.

Counselling them on how to make a profound and meaningful entry into the metaverse is Heller's area of experience. In this session she discusses the many verticals for VR beyond gaming and new opportunities to deliver compelling VR content and experiences to users around the world.