Audio: In Conversation with Google & SuperData

VR & AR Industry Analysis

VR Intelligence recently held a webinar to explore the reality of the XR industry and uncover what’s real, what’s hype and what’s the future.

Joining moderator, Amy Peck (CEO of Endeavor VR), was Steven Kan (Global Head of VR & AR, Google) and Stephanie Llamas (XR Lead, SuperData Research); to find out who’s succeeding, where the technology gaps are, what’s holding back faster adoption, and where the biggest opportunities are arising.

Click here to access the webinar recording, plus the full VR Intelligence digital content library.

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Note: Vinay Narayan, from HTC Vive, was scheduled to take part in this webinar but was unable to participate due to last minute personal circumstances. He will be speaking at VRX 2018 in December.