AR & VR in Manufacturing – New Insights

Industry experts shed light on how they're using VR & AR to transform their workflows

The use of augmented and virtual reality technologies in manufacturing is gathering pace. From design and visualization in pre-manufacture to enhanced worker guidance during the production process, new and improved ways of using AR & VR across business lines are constantly being piloted and deployed.

VR Intelligence has produced a brand new free report which looks at how companies are currently applying AR & VR in manufacturing across industry – and where the next stages of disruption will come from as the technologies mature. Get this free report on AR & VR in manufacturing right here.

With a comprehensive assessment of where companies are seeing significant benefits already, and interviews with business leaders at Lockheed Martin and the AR for Enterprise Alliance amongst others, this report provides exclusive insights on the growth of immersive manufacturing.

• Hear how virtual and augmented reality are being used in design, engineering & manufacturing. Which sectors are leading the way?
• What have been the most transformative applications of the technologies so far?
• How will virtual and augmented reality change how companies do business in the next 5 years?
• What are the main barriers to mass enterprise adoption?

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