5 of the best VR uses we found this month

From cinema to knowing your way around Coachella – check out these exciting uses for Virtual Reality

The world’s first Virtual Reality cinema

Samhoud Media, who have been responsible for several pop-up cinemas across Europe, have settled in Amsterdam and set up the very first dedicated virtual reality cinema. Using the Samsung Gear VR and a Galaxy S6, cinema-goers sit in 360-degree swivel chairs to watch films specifically designed to be experienced in VR. 

Whilst not quite feature length – films currently last around 30 minutes – you can bet the repertoire will expand as VR becomes mainstream in 2016.

Learn more about the VR cinema here.



To support the launch of their new hiking boot, the American footwear company Merrell worked in partnership with agency Hill Holliday and the Framestore to create a treacherous mountainside hike through the Dolomites in Italy; experienced through the Oculus Rift. Having a dedicated physical space to walk around the virtual experience puts an interesting spin on what VR can offer.

Check out the promotional video for Trailscape here.

Cars, cars, cars

Audi VR Showroom

Whilst Volvo worked with Framestore back in 2014 to create a virtual test drive of the XC90 SUV using Google Cardboard, the fidelity of mobile VR has moved on leaps and bounds since. Audi have taken VR far beyond a marketing gimmick as they begin to roll out their virtual showroom to Audi dealerships in 2016. Audi promises to grant access to models you might not find at smaller dealers, as well the possibility of experiencing their cars in impossible locations. R8 on the moon anyone? Don’t mind if we do…

Tech giants make games now?


IBM came up with a novel way of showcasing their SoftLayer cloud technology and AI engine Watson: by creating a virtual reality experience for Sword Art Online. Whilst it’s not exactly clear how cloud technology or cognitive computing power is being demonstrated, the idea of a VR massively multiplayer online game is an enticing one.

Check out IBM’s announcement here.

Get to know Coachella

Coachella Cardboard VR

Attendees to Coachella will receive a little something extra when their tickets arrive this year. Bundled in the welcome package is a branded Google Cardboard VR viewer and an invite to download the Coachella VR app to their smartphone. Within the app you can check out performances from top artists, watch content created by other festival goers and even take a virtual tour of the festival.

Take a look on the Coachella website here.

- Thomas Wallis

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