During the one-hour debate Amcor, Alcatel-Lucent and Ecovadis share ideas and methods in creating a resilient procurement strategy

Hear from Amcor, EcoVadis and Alcatel-Lucent about their strategy and lessons learnt.

The webinar addresses some of the biggest issues in the space such as;

  • Develop a holistic approach to assessing suppliers for social and environmental risks

  • How to get supplier code of conduct and responsible sourcing guidelines right

  • Embed ethical and responsible sourcing practices into sourcing and procurement departments’ daily activities

  • Why supplier selection and supplier relationship maintenance are core business to every purchasing director

  • Supplier Support Visits to understand your partners better and identify the areas of improvements

  • Scale up: Share the innovative ways of working with suppliers on small scale projects

  • Are you prepared for the upcoming UK Modern Slavery Act, Devoir de Vigilance in France?

The webinar features live polling and streaming of questions to provide an informative and engaging debate.

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