An interview with Susanne Katus, VP business development, Datamaran

Questions within the video include:

  • Will AI be a help or hinderance to creating a more inclusive society?

  • What mechanisms need to be in place to ensure AI benefits all of society?

  • How is Datamaran looking use AI as a force for good – to both society and the environment?

  • What opportunities do new forms of data analytics present to facilitate alignment of non-financial issues with risk management processes?

  • Tell us about the newly launched Datamaran's Materiality Application - why did you create it and how does it benefit business?

The Responsible Business Summit New York 2018

March 2018, New York

Join USA’s premier Summit pushing forward the Responsible Business agenda. Hear and meet from some of the leading and most innovative brands that are driving commercial success through impacts and purpose

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