A keynote session from the Sustainability Reporting and Communications Summit 2018

  • Understanding of various Corporate Responsibility initiatives taken up with your organisations and the potential for scale therein using data driven decision making

  • Use of technology and data for sustainability reporting. How sustainability reporting is used for performance measurement and stakeholder communication? Some examples of how companies are using it.

  • How can we better engage stakeholders across the value chain for all our sustainability initiatives

  • Reporting for multiple frameworks using technology

  • Easier SDG performance measurement using technology


Richa Bajpai, Founder, Goodera

Andrew McConville, Head of External Affairs, Syngenta

Tjeerd Krumpelman, Head of Reporting & Stakeholder Engagement, ABN AMRO

MODERATOR: Christine Diamente, Head of Brand, Nokia

The Sustainability Reporting and Communications Summit 2018

October 2018, London

2018 will bring the best, the most innovative and most inspiring companies in sustainability reporting to London, with a focus on portraying total impact throughout their report

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