In-depth workshop discussion from The Responsible Business Summit Europe

For most companies, their greatest risks and impacts lie within their supply chains. To truly address areas such as; GHG emissions, Human Rights violations and Water usage companies need to work with a whole host of partners. Hear from businesses on how they are driving large-scale change in partnership with industry associations, NGOs, competitors. Learn about the collaborative approaches, technologies and software that are managing and facilitating these ambitious projects.


Louise Koch, Corporate Sustainability Director, Dell

Filippo Bettini, Chief Sustainability and Risk Governance Officer, Pirelli

Jon Khoo, Innovation Partner, Interface

Jérôme Auriac, Partner/CSR, Stakeholder Management, Social Innovation Practice Director, Greenflex


Robert Milder, CEO, Van de Sant Innovations

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The Responsible Business Summit Europe 2018

June 2018, London

Join Europe's leading Summit for Responsible Business practitioners debating the key issues and opportunities that are impacting business

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