At the recent Transform Summit Liam Dowd, managing director at Ethical Corporation - Reuters Events, spoke with the head of European operations at the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

Questions asked:

  • Can you explain what the RSPO does?

  • How does the RSPO help achieve sustainable supply chains?

  • How can responsible sourcing help reduce GHG emissions?

  • How do consumers know if they are contributing to the sustainable palm oil supply chain?

  • How is RSPO working with its members to help educate their consumers around consumption?

Transform 2019

October 2019, Amsterdam

NEW for 2019, we’ve rebranded our Supply Chain event under the banner TRANSFORM to reflect the shift in thinking that is required. Companies must undertake a transformative approach to their whole value chain to address the challenges we face. 250+ CEOs, heads of business, investors and NGOs and address the increasing overlap and opportunities found up and down a company’s value chain

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