The Hon. Per-Olof Loof discusses KEMET Corporation's vision for the future and the role of purpose and impact in it

The Hon. Per-Olof Loof
Chief Executive Officer, KEMET Corporation

1. Why is it important for businesses to transition to a purpose and impact driven vision?

2. How is KEMET Corporation transforming its business around the SDGs?

3. Why have you chosen to champion the SDGs as a driver for future strategy?

4. What do you see as the biggest challenge in terms of integrating the SDGs into the business?

5. How important are alliances and coalitions in helping achieve your goals?

6. Why have you decided to speak at the Responsible Business Summit and share your vision?

The Responsible Business Summit Europe 2018

June 2018, London

Join Europe's leading Summit for Responsible Business practitioners debating the key issues and opportunities that are impacting business

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