Jon Khoo, Innovation Partner, Interface discusses the mission of Interface want to take back climate and reverse global warming, their work with plastics and how they engage their supply chain

  1.  At the recent GCAS event Interface announced its achieved carbon neutrality. Congratulations! Is this ahead of schedule and what’s next?

  2. Part of Interface’s Climate Tack Back mission is to Live Zero. Closing the loop on plastic waste is one core component. How are you approaching this challenge?

  3. One of the biggest challenges is driving scalable impact. How is Interface working with others to deliver this large-scale impact?

  4. How important has it been to engage your supply chain in your NextWave work?

  5. What has been the biggest challenge in this work and how are you overcoming it?

  6. What do you see as the biggest supply chain opportunity in the next 12-18 months?

The Responsible Supply Chain Summit Europe 2018

October 2018, London

This two-day sustainability and supply chain conference will bring together CEOs, CPOs, CSOs and 200+ senior executives to discuss how businesses can deliver environmental, social and business impacts through their supply chain

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