Holy Ranaivozanany discusses the findings of Huawei's latest ICT Sustainable Development Goals Benchmark Report

Holy Ranaivozanany
Head of Global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Huawei

1. You launched your 2018 Huawei ICT Sustainable Development Goals Benchmark at the #RBSEU pre-event workshop. What are the report’s key takeaways?

2. The SDGs are a key focus for Huawei – why is that?

3. What do you see as the biggest challenge when working towards the SDGs?

4. Your work in Bangladesh is delivering significant impacts for women. Can you share more about this project; including what are the current impacts and future ambitions?

5. Why is it important for Huawei to be involved in the Responsible Business Summit?

The Responsible Business Summit Europe 2018

June 2018, London

Join Europe's leading Summit for Responsible Business practitioners debating the key issues and opportunities that are impacting business

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