An interview with Sabrina El-Chibini, founder & president The Collaboration Vector Inc.

Interview questions include:

  • You were SeaLand’s outsourced partner for their “can-do” employee engagement strategy.  SeaLand was highly commended in the Responsible Business Awards 2017 for this program.  What is this initiative? 

  • How were employees empowered to design the programme?

  • How did you align the projects with the SDGs and what was the biggest challenge to overcome? 

  • What has been the business benefits of this approach – any key metrics that you can attribute to the programme? 

  • What’s next?  

The Responsible Business Summit New York 2018

March 2018, New York

Join USA’s premier Summit pushing forward the Responsible Business agenda. Hear and meet from some of the leading and most innovative brands that are driving commercial success through impacts and purpose

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