Kaitlin Crouch, Responsible Procurement at ING, on their commitment to sustainability, and how to empower purchasing teams to stay ahead and make responsible decisions.

Kaitlin Crouch spoke at the Sustainable Supply Chain Summit Europe conferenceĀ in October on working with procurement.

Create and build a culture mind-shift

Create and build a culture that motivates purchasing teams to make responsible purchasing decisions. Inspire your procurement team to embrace sustainability and ensure sustainability has an equal consideration in purchasing decisions.

  • Make the business case for procurement to see the benefits of integrating sustainability into their teams

  • Learn how to overcome middle management issues to build a responsible culture

  • Inspire your employees in your own organisation to be actors of change

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The Sustainable Supply Chain Summit 2016

October 2016, London

Over 150 leading supply chain, sustainability and sourcing professionals will meet to share insights and practical tips to address key issues such as; human rights, environmental management, lifecycle assessments, supplier partnerships and more

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